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Horror // Thriller // Novel

She didn't want to remember, ever. She just wanted to forget. Forget the past ten years ever happened.

An undercover operation to catch a very dangerous man goes terribly wrong. Instead of catching and locking him up, special agent Amy Jensen is the one who loses her freedom. Will she ever be able to escape the horrible nightmare that her life has become?



After a deadly virus wipes out the world’s population, only a few people remain. Seventeen-year-old Jay Harris is one of them. When Jay realizes he has the virus, he hides the truth from his friends and sister, for fear of hurting or losing them. But when his sister, Maia, catches the virus, he can’t deny what’s happening to them anymore. To stop Jay and Maia from dying, their friends lead them on a quest to find a cure in France-but will what they discover be a blessing, or a curse?


She is the culprit for me being here right now.
I need her. Is that her?
There’s a beast. A beast that taunts and tortures me.
Me… Me?
Who am I?

The self, the sinner and evil itself.
The Unholy Trinity.


The Starved by: Zach Forester

Really hope you enjoy this. I’m planning on making this story to the best of my ability. Sorry for no picture, Wattpad isn’t allowing me to. However, if you find this interesting enough then please click my profile and go ahead and read. I’d love to hear your thoughts. :smiley:

-Information is always seen through a certain perspective. That perspective is thought to be a sure truth. Black and white, clear as day. But, if that perspective was to be thrown out the window, then what would be true? When Lewis, an eight year old boy, supposedly kills his best friend Mark, the truth is hidden in uncertainty. Lewis believes a monster killed Mark. A counselor named Abby Lunar and a teacher named Conner Bane learn as information is revealed and experiences occur that Lewis may have actually witnessed a monster kill his best friend. But, of course monsters aren’t real… Right?

Quote: “He put his car in reverse and pulled out of his parking space. Then he put it into drive and looked forward. Two white glowing eyes stared back from behind the tree. They floated at least ten feet off the ground. He stared back. Not driving at all. His breathing became fast and fear flooded him. Monsters aren’t real. Nothing to fear. He blinked and looked again. Nothing. He breathed slowly out. Nothing to fear. He thought as he finally drove out of the parking lot and into the street. The slight thudding of rain on his car as he drove off. Away from the school and towards the comfort of home.”

I’m planning on doing weekly updates. I really hope you all enjoy this story. I would love some feedback as well. I’m always open to some help here and there to make things flow better.



Ella Nijinsky is graduating from Harvard School Of Medicine. She is infamous for an experiment she carried out under the supervision of the professor Dr. Juilet Minerva. She is recruited by a shady organisation called SOW. To her horror she finds out what will happen. It all has to do with “that” experiment.

This is it.
The End OF Man.


Something Evil lurks beneath the surface of an idyllic and much-loved holiday island off the southern coast of Australia. Something dark. Something seeking revenge.
‘Accidents’ sometimes happen to unsuspecting folk. People die.
The cause of these deaths are covered up by a small group of long-time residents,
who keep the existence of the Evil hidden for their own twisted reasons.
A young doctor moves to the Island, just as some of the accidents and deaths begin to occur. She sets out to uncover what is really happening, with the help of a policeman who is also new in town.
They find they may well be in more danger from the group of townspeople keeping the Evil a secret, than the Evil itself…


Short Story | Completed

Deep in Siberia a small village is attacked by an unknown force. The expedition sent to look for survivors finds something more horrifying than anything imaginable.

Mystery Novel | Completed

I have collected reports on strange happenings and published a book about them in Germany. As I want my knowledge to spread, I have now translated the whole collection into English. Can you unravel its mysteries?

Short story | Completed

A fameless painter touches the realms of madness when he makes the mistake of using drugs to improve his art.


‘It was the town of death’

17 year old Luke Wilbur is the envy of all. Handsome, talented artist and a skilled Basketball player, he is the heartthrob of the town. He lived in Gallows Fall as long as he could remember.

Beneath his mask, however, Luke harbors a secret: he dreams of death. His dreams reenact the gruesome deaths of countless people. Refusing to let these dreams control his life, Luke ignores his dreams and hides his ability from everyone.

But his efforts to suppress his ability are thwarted by his strange encounter with the ghost of Lillian who died over 300 years ago under mysterious circumstances. After some initial friction, Luke teams up with Lillian to find out the cause of her death and the root of his abilities. Little do they know, the truth will bring them face to face with the sinister forces lurking underneath the town’s idyllic facade…

Click here to read The Seer!



Coinvolgente, Sconcertante, Visionario e di Grande Impatto Emotivo!





Tina saw it all happen. Her still innocent, nine year old eyes have been scarred, seeing her classmates being brutally attacked by strange monsters. Now she’s alone, trying to survive the apocalypse by herself, her only comfort being her diary, “Jenny”, whom she could blurt out all her feelings to.

Inspired by Thomas Jenner and Angelina Perkins’ “Kellie’s Diary” Series, this book will let you view an apocalyptic world through the innocent eyes of a nine year old girl, through her diary.

(This book is ongoing, and I would like readers to support my new project as I write. Thank you!)

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