Genre Clubs Challenge


Back in the old forums, I used to love the genre clubs. They weren’t as lively as the IYW or cafe, but you were always surrounded by people who loved the same kind of writing that you do. Now, however, they are like a freakin graveyard. You maybe have a new topic twice a week.

And sadly, the IYW has gone downhill as well.

So… Challenge!

I challenge you, whether you’re a writer or a reader, to go into the club of your favorite genre and start just one thread in relation to that genre. Just think of something, anything, that isn’t already being talked about in there. Get people mingling again.

I would love to log in just one of these times and see more than one new topic posted after days of silence.


:calmwolf: The werewolf writers pack and the vampire writer’s coven have become pretty active in our “Reader, Writers, and lovers come talk” threads!


I want to see new threads. I want everyone to log in and see ‘4 unread’ topics in their genre.


Unfortunately people don’t seem to like the genres as much. However, some activity is better then none.