Genuine critique given and received.

Hi guys,

I can review your novels in-return for reviewing my own short chapter. I teach creative writing, so I may have some tips/feedback that you find useful. Happy to have any tips sent my way too.

I can focus on a particular area of your book if you’d like, otherwise in general such as; pacing, editing, grammar, etc.

I have been playing with an idea. I have uploaded the first short chapter and would like to know you’re thoughts.

Mostly it is regarding the general idea of the story, and where you think it will go as the chapters unfold, as well as the opening statement, and such.

Let me know the reasons behind your reviews.

I think it is likely for the mature setting, due to the nature of the subject.

If you critique, you can write on the actual book comments itself.

The book is named “So I decided to be a murderer.”

The book is narrated from the authors (character) POV regarding the murders he has committed and whether you as the audience think they were justified.

My other idea is to make it interactive with the audience, so each chapter I would write a poll regarding which undesirable will be a victim and how they will end, for example, a granny beater, death by dogs. From there a tale will be told with each chapter taking place in a new setting, with the exception of one starting place which you will understand once you have read.

Post the link, and let me know what area you would like me to focus on.

Thanks, here is my link.

Hmm. Any restrictions on what you will read? Any specific genres you won’t read?

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Sure, I’ll bite. If I enjoy your story enough to continue, we can DM each other to continue. :slight_smile:

My story is a Paranormal mystery called Inverted.

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Story Name: Sealed By Destiny
Author: @saniya25shah

Natasha Roy
A girl who never felt she was good enough, struggling with school, strict parents who never understand what she’s going through, and no hope of finding love. Dreams of being successful and a love story but doesn’t think she will ever get it.

Neil Shaw
A guy who has everything, looks, family, love, and money. Despite all of this he is a sweet human, down to earth, and wants to fall in love with someone who is just like him (sweet and simple). Loves his family and would never do anything to hurt them.

When they meet sparks fly, and lives change. A story of two people who are similar yet totally different, who fall in love at the most unexpected time and a journey towards their happily ever after.

As they say good things come to you when you least expect them!!

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Seen you’re comments, thanks, and glad. Almost anything is fine; I have my taste though I’m neutral on the theme if it is regarding feedback. I’ll focus more on the writing style, are the characters believable, editing, etc. Just let me know which part you would like me to read.

Jolly good

Blood and Time
It’s LGBT Paranormal

Blurb: Don’t drink the pink champagne…

For the gods, the world is divided into twenty-one Planes, the Garden of Creation, and The Veil. First-born son of The Source has been promised a restful retirement in The Veil after the goddess of Time tricks him into suicide to stop his marriage. Nick’s happy afterlife comes to an abrupt halt when the majick of Ether is stolen.

Cyan, Nick’s younger brother and the last god to possess the majick for Ether wants it back, but someone else has other plans. When time aligns on New Year’s Eve on his wedding night, Cyan is summoned to The Veil. Only one person in all of Creation can help him: the brother he replaced in Justice of Gemini’s heart.

Will Nick help Cyan, or allow Time to erase them both from existence?

Payment complete

Thanks, will check your one out now.

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