Get Book Cover Reviewed

Post your book cover and I and other users will review it. I will help you with tips, free sites you can use to create a book cover, and let you know if it is attention-grabbing. The first thing that anyone sees about your story is the cover. The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is hard to avoid, so let your readers have a good first impression of your work!




This probably belongs in the MCD :slight_smile:

Wooo definitely would click! Hot dudes for the win! I would suggest a rougher-looking font considering your character seems like a tough sort of dude. Great use of lighting and awesome 3-D effect for the words!

Looks really simple but the image is kinda pixelated. Might just be the size. The title could use a different color just so it doesn’t blend into the image too much, or moving it. The black and white is a good minimalistic design, though.



He actually isn’t. He’s more sort of… the vulnerable, sad kind of dude :sweat_smile:

Ok that makes a lot more sense then! Since that is the case, leave the font!

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It gives the fighter/supernatural(maybe even zombie?) vibes. Is that correct? The words and the picture really blends together well, tho. Definitely piques interest

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Did you draw this yoursellf??? O.O! Would click! I love the backlighting from the fire. The atmosphere is great and matches the title perfectly. Looks so angry!

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Thank you! It’s a Fantasy War Story in essence. @breakwave did the stunning art, all I did was slap on a title. So all credit for the cover goes to him and his talent.

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Nope! @breakwave did the epic art!

I’m glad you like it!

He did a really great job!

He did! I love it so much :hearts:

I always wonder if my book cover works or not lol. I’m not used to making light-hearted content, so it’s a bit outside of the box design-wise for me lol.



Oh the colors are very complimentary! One thing that doesn’t really need to be changed, but could be considered, is placing your name in an easy-to-read font. Flowy handwriting can sometimes be difficult to read. However, I love that font and everything about your cover screams clear, soft, and loveable!


Thank you! I’m happy to hear the colors work, I was honestly worried about that. I have gone back and forth on the font a lot. I might try combing through font sites again to see if I can find something that fits a wee bit better lol.

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It’s a photoshop edited cover I was just wondering how was it :3


Wow this artwork is amazing! I would consider switching the blurb above the title with your name, Or placing the title at the top. The blurb may be mistaken for the title. Other than that, I love it! The stars are breathtaking and it fits the mood of the title perfectly!

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It’s not artwork ;; all of these are edited