Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth


I don’t want to be the one to ruin your innocence, but…
think 50 shades of Gray.


Aah. This makes me so happy u.u Of course I’ll take care of you! I just want you to feel safe and happy and loved u.u I love you.


Deleeeeete. Let’s not ruin an innocent mind, shall we?


Or when I piss you off properly.


I should stop talking about this lol. I make my life sound too depressing.


I don’t even know what happens in fifty shades of grey.


ehem no




Too late.


Good. Make sure you stay that way till next year




It’s an acquired skill. I set down the rules for myself and then just have my characters act according to it. Readers will pick up on it eventually.


I plan to stay that way forever, or at least as long as I can.


Look long enough and we’re all depressing.


bro u will never last


They do. And they’re quality subs too. I can’t even explain the amount of frustration I have when I download an entire 3 seasons and find out, the subbers used google translate for everything.


I wish it were that easy. I made it really hard for myself. My ww story involves every supernatural creature found in every mythology. I combined them all together. Now I’m fucked. xD


Weird shit.


You won’t stay that way forever. Next year you’ll be a lot more curious about this stuff.


So far, no one here has managed to do that. Let’s see how long that takes.