Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth


Make the readers as confused as you are!!


Yikes. Seriously? That shit sucks dude.


I’ll give it my best shot. I’ll be the worst slave you never had.




~suggestive cough~


I feel safe and loved and really happy when im talking with you. You make me feel really good about myself. Do I make you feel safe and happy and loved?


Dude, my ww aren’t even called werewolves. They’re called itan. Werebeasts in latin(?) or is it in greek? I forget. But yea. I included every fucking shifter I find.


Because puberty, my friend.


I feel you, though. Sometimes it’s hard to like… get shit across. The necromancy in my story is hardly even necromancy anymore – it’s more like really late healing or ruthless murdering. Soul manipulation I guess? And how to include the spiritual origins? Answer is I don’t.


Ew, no. Never again.


sometimes second puberty helps


Well, I am almost 15, and have a boyfriend already. I don’t know what could possibly happen.
Also, overprotective parents.


I’m going to put in the history that my MCs connected to in an actual history lesson in school. Is it cliche? Yes. Can I think of more original ways to get it across? Nope.


Listen, I’ve had my glow-up. No reason to go through that roller-coaster again. Mr Bones Wildride had an end.


Ugh same. Going through the devil cycle every month for the first time fucking sucks.


Knowing that makes me really happy ^-^ And of course you do. You’re so sweet to me u.u You make me feel a lot better about myself too. And I appreciate all of the things you do for me


Girl, what do you mean? I have asian parents. Overprotective and overbearing in one package yet I still found a way to know about this stuff. Sometimes you just can’t avoid it.


Lol. It’s true.


Mood though.
I plan on expanding on the spiritual elements in my story in a prequel. And like… I’m literally doing that by making the character in question be an apprentice to someone who knows shit.


You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me sweetie :smiley:
I just want us to be together uwu