Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth




i didnt have a glo up i look the same as i did when i was born, minus the oval alien head


I want to be with you too ;-; But it sucks that we can’t right now. I wish it was easier.


There’s literally no other way to portray information. If we put it in signs or brochures in the story, it would be too obvious. Explaining it to the readers through the MCs thoughts also makes it way too obvious. Portraying through the environment or action takes too long.


Top ten worst puberty moments
1 Why am I crying
2 Why am I greasy
3 My boobs hurt
4 My uterus is trying to murder me
5 I haven’t had my period in four months and now it wont stop
6 Literally look at me and I’ll kill myself
7 Why is no one looking at me
8 I’m crying again
9 My hair is greasy
10 I Am Feeling


If you still look like a newborn baby then I am concerned.


Aw, poor baby. Everything will change soon. Don’t fight it.


It can still happen.


Number 3 and 4 is so fucking accurate.


I’ve actually never missed a period :neutral_face: Y’all lucky.

But damn do I relate to number 9.


well no i am 5’7 look like a 30 yo woman and sounds like a teenage boi


:sob::sob::sob: I don’t like change!!


Me too :sob:
Its not faaiiiirrrr why did you have to live so far away


Deep voices are hot af dude. No matter if its a boy or a girl. Trust me. I’m pan.


So true!!:joy:


Maybe we combine the “look in mirror to describe appearance” trope with bad exposition for a double threat?


Well if you look like a 30 year old, why’d you say you still look the same as you did when you were born? Did you look 30 when you were born?


You won’t hate this one. I promise.


thx man


no i looked like an alien cus my head was squished