Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth


Everything is so confusing!!! :sob:


:pensive: I wish we were closer. I just want you to be here. Now. :sob:


That whole list was me until I turned 17.


Oh shit! I did the looking in the mirror thing to describe my MCs appearance.


i had a difficult birth


Don’t worry about it. I gotchu


LISTEN, I’m a lesbian, but my instinct is still “fuck, I’m pregnant.”


Wait till you get into your early twenties. You’ll be saying that again.


What do you mean? I’m 22 and that list is still me.


You’re in the clear as long as it didn’t last five paragraphs.


omfg haha. That would be me too even if I’m still a virgin :joy:


Honestly. Fuck hormones.


It only lasted three sentences. Thank god.


If i could then I would in a heartbeat :sob:
I just wanna be with you so so badly


“Do we really need another jesus?”


i never understood y ppl r like that, im like no period? thank goodness




I know. :sob: I don’t care what we’re doing just as long as I’m with you ;-;


Ugh. I’m irregular, right? The sign I get that I’m getting my period is that I cry over the most simplest of things like someone eating my chocolate or my spotify subscription has expired.


I did the look in the mirror thing. It was 2 paragraphs, but it was needed, since she had turned into a vampire.