Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth


College is easy shit compared to adult life.


I don’t want to be the mother of another Jesus o.o





Here have a picture of my friend in the running wheel at Chuck E Cheese


I’m fairly regular in my cycle, but I get emotional as hell as well. And already having a tendency to insomnia, I do not sleep during my period.


lmao yeahh. But I can’t relate to that. Always have been very punctual :sweat_smile:


Taxes, bank accounts, jobs you don’t like but have to keep because the bills are piling up. Constant pressure from your parents to get a boyfriend because your ‘biological clock’ is ticking.


Sounds like you already mother one, when phrased like that.


I hate periods. But I panic a lot when I don’t get it.


nuffin, jaspy. I was praising you c:


I say we sacrifice our uterus’ to the void. I want off.


Terry :joy:

I wanted pictures of you but thanks anyways.


I already have a boyfriend.


Oh no o.o I can’t be pregnant at this age.


I can’t, dude! When it’s not being a bitch, it helps me out a lot.


Hopefully, you aren’t pressured to have kids yet lmao


hey u guys remember that girl


Can you see your boyfriend being your husband?