Get over here, Grecious and Kaleth


You might grow an inch or grow as tall as your dad.


My brother’s gonna be short, according to our pediatrician. I hope I’m taller than him, since I’ve been holding my height over his head for so long (Pun intended).


I think you’ll grow taller than him. The youngest is always the biggest.


Oml you make as many height jokes on here as I do irl.


Really? My sister and brother are much shorter than me, and my sister’s already stopped growing.



I guess it depends.




I’m the oldest.


There was this thread here. The title was inviting boys in because the girls are lonely. I tried to chat in it and was already bombarded with a dude. I don’t know what to do. What the fuck hahahaha I suck at flirting




Your brother is probably a late bloomer


Probably. He’s getting taller though, and I’m worried.
It might be a bit of a tall order to hope that I end up tallest.
(Puns are always intended!)


Or you might end up at the same height with an inch or cms difference,


Where’d everyone go?


inside my wallet


…what is this?


I’m resting inside of my pocket right now.


It’s kaleth and him as chatbots.




that I saw but…