Get Your Character Names Rated


Picking names for your character is hard. Whether you’re not sure whether a name truly fits the character or if the meaning of it fits them, there are tons of factors that play into naming characters. The names of your characters also attract readers - names can suggest diversity, and some are unique and roll of the tongue more than ones that are deemed overused and cliche.
This is a positive zone! Leave the name of your character, the meaning of the name (if it has one/is relevant to why you named the character that), and why you chose that name (again, if you have reasoning). Anything else contributing to the name? Leave that, too!
Again, this is a positive zone, where we want to help develop characters and improve writers. Any comments tearing people down will be deleted, and don’t get butthurt over something small.
I’ll give my opinion on your character name and reasoning and rate it out of ten! Discussions around names will be open (maybe someone knows something about that name that you don’t!). Just because you get a low rating/don’t like your rating doesn’t mean you need to change it. It’s all in good fun!
There’s a lot in a name, anyways.


My character’s name is Rollin and it means something along the lines of wolf warrior or something I believe though I can’t recall the exact definition. it is not super relevant to the character, but I liked the way it sounded and felt as though it was ironic given my characters less than moral activities.


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I mean, if you like the way it sounds, that’s all you need, right? And besides that- the irony is pretty fun to work with. Is it mentioned in-story? @Lilofae1234


just above where you came in, I shared what I know about the name of Rollin but ummm the other main character in that story is Liliana which is shortened to Lily which is a flower of purity. The name Liliana means innocence. I picked it because it is both ironic because of what is become of her and how sad it is that she becomes so much the opposite of her name.


The meaning? not really no. It’s only there for people who bother to look up the definition.


Fresh. Are they partners in the story? Work together or something? Because their names together sound fun in a bonnie-and-clyde typa way


but ummm yeah, what about ur character?


haha, noooo. I mean, it is not the kind of story for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. But I appreciate that you know who bonnie and clyde are. Bonus cool points for you. But ummm they ARE mates


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Ooooo Rollin is a nice name!! Unique and definitely sounds nice. Kinda reminds me of the verb ‘to roll’ though, but you could pick WAY worse verbs, haha! I give it a nice 8/10 for uniqueness, fun-to-say-ness, and the fact that it’s an R names that isn’t terribly basic or sound weird. Also, the pronunciation of it seems easy and straight forward.


The thread is totally alive for you to post haha, I just made it today. Responses won’t be immediate but I’m on pretty much every day.


Thanks. I thought the same thing about it, so I sometimes I consider pronouncing it more ‘raw-lin’ but I don’t think that it’s quite so well haha