Get Your Character Names Rated


Creed Knowl sounds a lot less rebellious.


Paula Huerta rolls nicely, and has a Latin vibe to it, so props if that’s what you were going for. 6/10.

Creed Hader sounds like Creed from The Office joined a biker gang or his Star Wars Sith persona or something. If that’s not the vibe you’re going for, I suggest using Creed Knowl instead. Still got that masculine vibe, but not as harsh. Knowl does remind me of Beyonce, though, but that’s not a bad thing. 6.2/10


Like @copyedit mentioned, the double vowel makes it sound rough and trippy, but I do like the meaning of it, especially if it applies to your story. Calypso is just such a pretty name in general. If you wanted, you could even spell the Old Norse version a little funky, like Awthen, but that still sounds a little trippy, but not as much as before. I recommend staying away from same-sounding phonetics all together, but Grimnir sounds a little harsh compared to the melodic Calypso in my opinion.


What about Kalioth? It means ‘stardust’ in Quenya, and that’s what I thought of based on those name meanings. Personally, the name Blast reminds me of something I’d see in an action roleplay type video game (like Final Fantasy) so unless that’s the vibe you’re going for, I’d suggest changing it or even translating it.


I… love that last name, wow. Thanks!

that’s more or less the vibe i’m aiming for :+1:


Good! No offence, but I feel certain names only fit certain vibes, and authors should totally play into that, whether its putting names to characters that fit the vibe or doing the drastic opposite for some comedic irony.


About time I head back to this thread and put in another one. Though this time we got two, two siblings that is.

The first one is a member of the organization I keep talking about.
Her name is Ipsiato - [Ip - see - ahtoe]. Though that’s her name in the organization more than not peeps will calll her “Ipsia” as a shorter nickname. The name is based off the latin phrase “Ipso Facto” meaning “by that very fact or act.” This is related to her joining the organization to better her life and while her younger brother wanted to go with her, she asked he stay and instead study at school before joining, else he’d probably be barred if he joined the organization. By that fact, her younger brother would become pretty skilled in his craft.

Her actual name is Lucina Candido - [ Loo - seena] [ Can - jhi - du ]
but they answer to [ Can - dee - doh] as a talking of their last name as well, since world and whatnot.
The inspiration for this first name is well just a name I liked. The last one I chose for it’s use in portugal, hence why the correct pronunciation of their last name is that one up there.

Now, onto her brother. Crescule [ Cress - cool]
Crescule joins the organization later once he’s older and more skilled in the mechanical field. Crescule’s name is inspired by the word “Crepuscular” drawn from the latin word “Crepusculum” meaning “Twilight”. This is an interesting connection since for him it harbors on his nature. He is a rather fickle individual when it comes to his emotional outbursts. He can be snarky, positive, upbeat, and talkative in one second but then very sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed in another. However, the key aspect is that this resides in twilight; there hasn’t been something key in his life to really tip the balance of his emotional spectrum. I will say that such an event will happen and his emotions will go into the “night” area of a rather dark, angry, and sad aspects of himself.

his original name was Raphael Candido - [ Raf - phiael ]
This first name was also another name I liked but also fitting for the environment and cultural background they are from.


You really put much thought into the names. I like them and your reasoning. Maybe a little difficult and thus people might forget it while reading.

Good, going over to my characters.
My main character has a name, but is not given in order to show that it doesn’t have an effect on the story and that this character is not important.
Other character: Timothy Skryt.
“Skrýt” means “hidden” in Czech. It’s not his actual family name. He always hides his face behind a white cloth. I used “Timothy” because it’s normal enough, but still sounds cool.
Then there’s Kevin Trak.
Not much thought went into this name. I needed a name that starts with K and isn’t “Keith”. Keith Trak is his son.


Lucina Candido is such a gorgeous name. This character already has such an independent, maternal air to her (I use maternal loosely for lack of better words; she seems very nuturing towards her brother). I love the ethnic background to it. It’s not common to find Latin characters, especially from Portugal - the media tends to focus on Mexico and Spain. I like Ipsia much more than I like Ipsiato - Ispiato feels more masculine to me, but that could help your character in the future, too.
Lucina Candido = 8.7/10 (I take points away because your character is okay with a mispronunciation of her name. I understand how people get that, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read it like that at first, too. But Lucina should push for a correct pronunciation - she is a “Can-jhi-du”, not a “Can-dee-doh” if that makes sense. By pronouncing it 'Can-dee-do", there’s a harshness to it that doesn’t sound as nice as “Can-jhi-du”.)
Ipsiato = 7.2

Crescule has such a nice spelling, but I’m not a fan of the way it sounds. I love the meaning and the consistency to it, but it’s a little bland sounding. I’d recommend trying to pronounce it as ‘Cress-Kewl’ rather; it stays true to your character’s ethnic roots and has more of a mature sound to it. “Cress-cool” reminds me of Tre Cool, and as amazing as he is, I don’t think this is the comparison you’re going for. I like Raphael much better. Again, stays true to your character’s background and culture, but doesn’t provide your character too much shrouded depth.
Raphael Candido = 7.2/10
Crescule = 5.2/10


I see the meaning of Skryt and why you chose it, and Czech is a wonderful language, but people who don’t know that (and even people who do) will be reminded of ‘skrrt’, and that takes away from the essence of your character. Timothy does sound normal, but I feel it’s a little too bland.
Timothy Skryt = 4.2/10

Kevin Trak is simple in a good way. It still provides diversity, but doesn’t make him stand out a ton. 7/10.


Hey, thank you for the suggestions. How does Calypso Atla sound?


(they’re all sisters, btw, and their ages go in descending order)

Circe de Cygne
Laraline (Lara) de Cygne
Odette (Dette, twins w/ Lynette) de Cygne
Lynette (Lyn, twins with Odette) de Cygne
Lyra de Cygne
Aderyn (Addie) de Cygne
Evelyn (Evie) de Cygne

For context, the story is based on the fairytale the Swan Maidens, where there are seven sisters who can transform into swans. A lot of the names have bird-related meanings, but some of them I chose simply because they sound pretty. For example, the name Lynette comes from the name “Linnet”, which means bird. Laraline is also an avian name, and Aderyn is Welsh for “bird”. Plus, I chose de Cygne as their surname because it means “of swan” in French.


Okie Dokie, might as well as put this one up too.

So another member in the organization is male called “Skrelle” [ Scur - el ]
The point behind this name is that it is an altercation of the Norwegian word “Skrella” meaning “to peel”. Aside from Scandenavia being essentially wehre this character is from it also relates the character essentially peeling off his old life and things in the manner of joining this organization. The Scandinavian relates well for reasons I’ll get to in just a second but the name “Skrelle” is because the peeling was due to a hard way to live in the life he had. He had a family, but parts of things he experienced in a way sort of messed him up. Making him be rather empty and honestly it’s rather sad.

His original name was Per Haugen [ Pver ] [ HOW-gən ]
Per means - “rock” and relates to his character well being stubborn and immovable in defense.
Haugen can be traced back to old Norse meaning “Tin Hill” and that’s an interesting thing about who he is as a character. He has a rather well meaning heart but is sometimes very caught in his own thoughts on something and the stuff that has influenced him, he ignores what others are telling him. Why he left his family feeling he couldn’t be happy with them for who he was when they could see he was being plagued by his experiences in war and being captured in such a conflict.

oh and also,

Thanks for the advise, I agree that the other one you mention sounds better. Thanks for the feedback!


Okay, so my character is called Samantha. But nobody calls her that. She goes by Saturn because her dad is an astronomer and just kinda gave her that nickname. She’s meant to be boyish and playful. Will mess around and have fun. Not afraid to get her hands dirty. I wanted to go for a relaxed, semi-masculine outlook on this character. Thoughts?


That sounds so much prettier!! Atla still has that nice flow to it, but the ‘A’ isn’t so close to the ‘O’ that it sounds trippy. I’d give that a solid 8.6/10


I love the family name being de Cygne, and all of them flow so nicely. They all have such a feminine vibe to them and a sense of poise (and rationality). My only issue is that Lynette/Lyn sounds a little too similar to Lyra for my liking. Odette and Lynette works because they’re twins and has the same structure, but they’re not quite identical. Lara stands out and uses different phonetics than Lyn and Lyra. Overall, though, they all sound very pretty! Do you speak French?


No problem love! As always, I love hearing about your characters and their names, and I don;t doubt your writing abilities at all, but make sure you don’t have too many characters… too many characters can cause your readers confusion, especially if your characters have many aliases (think of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury in specific - in Japanese, she’s Mizuno Ami, in English she’s Amy Mizuno or Amy Anderson, all while also going by Sailor Mercury, Princess Mercury, Dark Mercury, Soldier of Water and Intelligence, Super Sailor Mercury… the list goes on, and it’s hard to keep track of unless you’re a fan of the series. Not that your characters have as many names and aliases as Ami; just using her as an example (and I just really like Sailor Moon, haha!).
I think that unless your readers are familiar with Norse languages, there will be mispronunciation in these name. To a native English speaker, upon first read, I see it as ‘Skrr-elle’/‘Skrr-elle-uh’; ‘Puhr’, and ‘Haw-ken’. I like the meaning behind them, especially in the way it applies to your character. Keep in mind that Skrelle kind of looks like ‘Skull’, which gives your character a much more harsh, masculine feel (this also makes me think of Skeletor and Hordak from He-Man and She-Ra, who were literal evil skeletons). Overall, I don’t think this is the best name you’ve dropped here, but I don’t hate it. I like Per Haugen more than I do Skrelle.
Skrelle - 5.2/10
Per Haugen - 7.3/10


Does she have a surname? I like the name Samantha, and if you’re going for a tomboy-ish vibe, Samantha being shortened to Sam is pretty popular. I like the story behind the nickname Saturn, but I feel it’s too basic and simple. I’d suggest maybe shortening that even to just Sat.


Hmm, I see your point. Do you think Alouette, Sephora, or Celandine sounds any better? But thank you! No, I don’t speak French, though it’s such a beautiful language.


Fair enough, the reason I have a lot of characters is because this is a series that is pretty long and it goes over a lot of things that happen, but thank you for the feedback.

I have one more I’d like to give, and I believe this one might be a really good one.

Vragon Almkin - [Vray - gun] [Alhm - kin]
So this is one of the main characters. He has the last name of the siblings because he doesn’t know his last name.
The name “Vragon” is actually interesting in the way it’s pronounced. I reference in the story I write where it is touched upon how many get the “ay” part of his name wrong and him clarifying though not really sure why it’s that way to begin with. However, I can say that the culture he’s from pronounces normal ‘a’ as “ay” and I make sure to highlight this pretty early in.

I really appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you think I can write pick some interesting names.