Get Your Character Names Rated


Now that you say that it almost reminds me of like, Rowling, like J.K Rowling, depending on how you say that haha


haha idk like Jos name?


Asphodel. The flower which grows in the Greek underworld

So I had this character in my head for a long time and wanted to change their name- but I didn’t have a name in mind. For a while.

Great, so I used them in this game which used to be more active in the threads, which was “Would Your Character Survive” and people would write full length stories on the threads. Including me! It was super fun. You could also submit prompts, which I did. It was based off this nightmare I had where I was walking through hell with my best friend. Also there was a third character, I throw her in too. And I thought “Well, I gotta name her something” Hell > the underworld > casually remembered my obsession with greek mythology > when I finished writing the prompt, this character idea just converged with the one already in my head. So that’s how that happened


I really like the name Asphodel itself and the meaning of it. The story of how you got it is super cool and also like, such a mood haha! My only ““problem”” (for lack of better words) with it is that if someone didn’t know the meaning behind it, they may think it was religious or Biblical in some way and although really unlikely, could stir the pot for some people (I personally don’t have an issue with Biblical names). I give it another 8/10, because its fun to say, I adore the meaning of it (and Greek mythology haha) and it’s another unique A name that’s not redundant.


Why couldn’t it be religious or biblical? Why not? Can be whatever- it’s not just a flower then, it’s both


If someone wants to fight me over it, I would


How does Yuregen Cole sound it is the words for ghost and human since he is half spirit


Are the two names together supposed to sound mismatched?


Nah the cole is just from his human mom


Is Yuregen from a different language?


Parts of japanese




Sorry, I’m not the kind of person who usually rates things :joy: I just do commentary


Just asking if it sounds cool or not not really a rating


I got many but most are japanese


As far as I know, its not an actual religious or Biblical name, and it’s not a common name (contrary to something like Mark or John) either, so someone may try and pull the “cultural appropriation!!1111!!!” card (which I’d fight them too sweaty thats not cultural appropriation), and I know some people have had bad experiences with religion or whatnot and tend to stray away from it. I haven’t read anything you’ve written but I’m sure it’s more likely their loss rather than yours in that case.


Are they both given names or is one a surname?


Lmfao when I use Asphodel For Character Purposes, nobody really brings that up- they just say “Where the FUCK did that name come from”


Cole is the surname


Another of my character is named Resbeat Meldnix i wanted a sort of fairy of elf like feel to it