Get Your Character Names Rated


I think it’s a really pretty name, and I wouldn’t bother too much with worrying over whether it sounds Biblical or not. One of my characters is named Linden and people always ask if I’ve spelled London wrong haha


Asphodel sound sorta of evil to me


Fairy Elf Feel- Achieved


Yuregen Cole sounds really nice, and the blend of harsher sounds makes it flow nice. I think some people may have difficulty pronouncing Yuregen, so you may wanna pull a Goblet of Fire and just casually slip in how to pronounce it, haha! To me, Yuregen sounds Norse or some sort of Germanic branch. I like the meaning behind it, too, and how nicely it applies to the character. I give it a solid 7.1/10.


She is Kinda Evil! Thank you for noticing


I really like Meldnix, especially the suffix ‘nix’. ‘Nix’ 100% has that sort of fairy-elf feel to it. Resbeat does too, but more for a masculine, tough sort of character, and more elf-like rather than fairy. I give it another 7/10 for easy pronunciation and clear imagery (assuming that’s what you’re going for, haha!).


Ha it just one of those names


Resbeat gets his name from his ultimate move and his hobby


It is resononce beatdown and meld like in binding two things together


bruh that’s super cool, I up it to a 8/10 for that reasoning haha


One flaw with the elf feel is that he is a smither with is most a dwarf hobby and the two don’t usually mix well


i think the elf and dwarf feel are close enough for it to not make too much of an impact on it. Idk about you and other people but I tend to associate elves with like, Scandinavia (specificallay Norway and Iceland), so names of those origins may help with elf (or even troll) sounding names.


Of all my characters i would usually say i don’t have favourite but resbeat is one i like alot so thanks


He was technically my first ever made character too


Out of the ones I’m currently using, Linden Ayers was technically the first one I made (although his last name used to be Braginsky), and is also one of my more favourite names. Out of all my characters, Scarlet Dione Cody-Valdez was the first I made. I don’t think I’d ever use her again, though.


Why is that


Why I wouldn’t use her again or why I changed his name? haha




I wouldn’t use Scarlet again because she’s such an old character, she’s served her purpose in her stories. I’d only use her again if I was to continue those stories (which I’m not) or if I was to find another story that absolutely needed her.
Really, I’ve just borrowed the name Linden from an old joint character. I used to roleplay on Instagram a few years back, and I had a character named Ivan Braginsky who married my friend’s character, Blake. They had a son, Linden Braginsky, who I used again in a future roleplay who was going to marry a woman named Hani. We’ve always joked that Linden was our real son, and it’s always been a name I’ve quite liked, so I gave it to my new one. Linden Braginsky and Linden Ayers are very different though, and I think they would get along if I hadn’t killed Linden Braginsky, haha.


Well with braginsky as a name most people would want to kill him i guesss
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