Get Your Character Names Rated


Whoa there’s so many unique names here.

My characters are Raiker Denlow and Aisa Farrow. We made them up on our own but when we looked it up we found that Raiker is a variation of Ryker, which means ‘rich’. And that was fucking perfect for him lol


How about a really simple one now Em The Slime (Magical Weapon:Pandemic Slime Mk 3)


Ivan Braginsky was royalty so a lot of people did want to kill him, but no one ever tried haha


Those names are so pretty! J’adore :heart_eyes: Is Raiker pronounced the same way as Ryker? I give those names a 9.5/10 for being uncommon, but still realistic, a funny coincidence and nice spellings.


Is it a nickname of sorts or an entire given name?


He is a weapon so his it was his weapon name Em is the namehe got after attain sentience


I had thought that in his bio it was resbeat who named him em but apparently it wasn’t although the two are friends


I like it as a nickname, and Em goes well with Slime. Unless Em uses actual slime, I think it gives off an underwhelming vibe. 6/10


Thank you! Yeah, it is prononounced the same, but some people like calling him ray-ker haha.


Wow, you seem to have been writing for a while. That’s such a cool backstory for your character names!


Em the slime is an actual slime


then it fits much better haha


Thank you! I assumed it was pronounced the same, but pronouncing it ray-ker is still pretty. And yeah, I’ve been writing for quite a few years now, especially here on Wattpad :joy: Linden is one of my only characters with some sort of meaning behind his name. The rest are just “huh I like this name, they can have it” haha


Nhave you ever use a self insert name


My character name= Amelia Otharus.
My book that I am looking to write is a huge mix of different cultures and mythologies (it does not pertain or just stick to one individual one ex. Greek mythology or Japanese mythology) So Amelia is a common English Name (obviously) but Otharus is a name which derives from Germanic Mythology. honestly, I think the two are a good mix of cultures, however, I would like a second opinion on how well it flows together.


I really like the name Amelia, very cute !

My characters name is Kai Haywood. When I looked up the meaning of the name I received many different answers but a lot of them said the name meant sea or ocean and origin is Hawaiian. Since Kai does not like to swim or anything to do with water, the meaning of her name has nothing to do with her.


It’s so cool that you have some diversity in your book. Most people just use characters from one induvidual culture, and the fact that you are representing so many of them is incredible.

The name sounds pretty nice when you say it. 8.5/10 for sure!


I like the name, it’s very cute :smiley :smiley:

My two main characters names are Mallory Cox and Daniel Arthur, from what I could gather, Mallory means “The unlucky one,” and Daniel means “Judging by God,” and I felt like they fit my characters perfectly.


I love the name Mallory! Daniel is a very popular name but I didn’t know it meant Judging by God! Definatly a 9/10 for the names!

My main characters name is Anastasia Knight. Anastasia is a Greek name that means “happiness, innocence, and resurrection”. She is a really happy person who always ends up in life or death situations (shrugs) which is why the name is perfect. I originaly picked it because it has this innocent princess attitute, which is a total contridiction to who she really is.


Ohh I love the name Anastasia. For me, it gives off a regal, princess vibe (or maybe because I lobed the movie as a kid, lol). I find it great when a character and their name contradicts.