Get Your Character Names Rated


One of my main characters name is Cerise Van Goldenburg. Cerise means “cherry” in French, which makes sense because her mother loves colour (hence the name). Her surname has a Dutch-Jewish background.


I used to write them, yeah, but I don’t anymore. The only self-inserts I’ve written are still up, although I’m not too proud or fond of them haha


I think it flows quite well! You have the simplicity of Amelia, which is no doubt a name everyone’s seen already (that not a bad thing haha I don’t want it to sound like that) paired with Otharus, which is a name I personally haven’t seen before. It gives a sense of familiarity, but also newness to it if that makes sense. I like the diversity of it and how it pertains to your story. I give it a 8/10.


I really like the name Kai. Going to be honest with you, though, when I see the name I think of it as a masculine name (although in some languages it is feminine; I have friends named Kai that are boys so that may be why haha) but I like how it does pertain to a feminine character and the oxymoron of it. I also like the way Kai sounds. I’m not the biggest fan of the surname Haywood - I think it’s a little too similar to Hollywood and give it a bit of a stage name feel rather than a given name (assuming that what it is). However, Haywood does flow well with Kai, so I give it a 7.5/10. Sorry if that sounded mean haha I don’t mean it like that


I adore the name Mallory. Another name a lot of people will be familiar with, but isn’t really common if that makes sense. Cox pairs well with it, too. Daniel Arthur sounds like two given names rather than a given name and a surname, but does give off like a British sort of feel. I like how the names correspond to your characters, too! I give Mallory Cox a 9/10 and Daniel Arthur a 7/10.


Anastasia is another name I adore :heart_eyes: I think Knight on its own as a surname is a little bland (no offence to people with that surname haha), but I like the contradiction of it because both names are associated with royalty and your character seems to be the opposite of that. I give it a 7.8/10.


I think Cerise Van Goldenburg may be my favourite name so far :joy: Definitely a unique one, but still rolls off the tongue easy, and I like the background of it. Cerise is also something easy to make nicknames out of. I give it a 10/10 - I don’t think there’s much to improve on with a name like that and will easily fit any sort of character.


El nombre de mi personaje es Sarah Sofia Willos, Sarah significa “Princesa” Sofia “Sabiduria”. El motivo por lo que elige los nombres fue por una de mis serie favorita de Tv CSI.

Sarah, es una chica muy sabia, (aunque no lo demuestre) y de princesa, eso tiene muy poco (casi nada).


Hey all! So this is my first time doing one of these, but I love taking the time to pick and choose character names and it’s probably one of my longer processes in the early stages of character development. But I wanted to share some of my favorite character names with you and basically how they came to be and maybe talk with you all and help with name picking!

Rohan Evan Adams (he’s one of the main characters in a story I’m currently working on here!)

He is of African-American/Haitian American descent. There’s wasn’t any particular reason for his parents naming him this, other than liking the sound of the name. It’s of Irish and Sanskrit origin and means “red-haired, red; ascending”, which none really describe Rohan personally. His middle name of Evan was chosen after his deceased uncle. His last name is Britiish origin, and was the surname given to his father’s family when they were slaves, hence it’s European origin. His mother is the originally from Haiti.

I try to diversify my characters as much as possible and I love exploring all ethnic backgrounds. When I’m thinking of names, I generally start with the character’s ethnic/racial background. It helps me create a good starting point as far as names because I may have a good visual model for my character, but finding the perfect name that matches their face and personality doesn’t always come as natural.


10/10 I see nothing objectively wrong with it, Rohan is a super cool name, although I kind of feel like the ‘Evan Adams’ part doesn’t live up to the coolness of ‘Rohan’.

So I recently translated some character names into Delran Rerunite (alien conlang), are these distractingly weird or like a manageable amount of weird?

  • Wen Ti
  • Zeir La
  • Ani Mika
  • Laten


Rohan’s actually a very popular Indian name!


What do you guys think of Jermaine as an antagonist name?


Yeah I think that’s what I was kinda going for with his name, though. That he has this seemingly cool first name but everything else is pretty ordinary. Plus it looks nice on stage, since he is a violinist. But thank you for the feedback!

As far as the names you’ve produced, I think Wen Ti, Ani Mika, and Laten are manageable weird, Zeir La is a little distracting because I feel people would be stuck on that pronunciation of Zeir.


So I heard! I didn’t realize it until probably months after I created the character.


Mi espanol es no bueno, pero voy a tratar de hablar espanol contigo! Me gusta el apellido, y el fondo del nombre y como se aplica a tu personaje. Cuando veo el nombre Sofia, pienso en el serie “Sofia The First” asi que tenga cuidado de que no son similares. Sarah Sofia suena bueno y rollas de le langua bueno. Yo darle darselo 7/10.


I absolutely love the name Rohan! I think it sounds so pretty :heart_eyes: (I may or may not be a little biased because my crush’s name is similar to that haha). I love the background to it and the diversity you’re putting into it. With the character, you can tell he has such a rich origin, but it also doesn’t sound like it’s trying to shove the diversity down your throat (no offence to anyone on that). I agree with @copyedit in saying that Evan Adams is a little bland compared to Rohan, but again, given the history of your character, it makes sense. If I were you, I would consider hyphenating both his parent’s surnames, especially if his mother is of Hawaiian descent, but that’s just me, you don’t have to change it, haha. Overall, I give it a 8.7/10!


Ani Mika and Laten are more names I love, and I know people with names similar to those, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them sounding too absurd. They seen easily pronounceable, too. I don’t mean to offend anyone in saying this but Wen Ti sounds like a Chinese name to me - reminds me of the song Tian Di by Kris Wu (which is an absolute banger btw) - and it essentially means issue in Mandarin. Zeir La also gives off the Chinese vibe, but as far as I know it doesn’t mean anything in Chinese (la is like an exclamation, but zeir isn’t Chinese). I definitely use those, but I think the genre of your story plays a little into it as well. I give Wen Ti a 9.2/10, Zeir La a 8.8/10, Ani Mika 9.2/10, and Laten a 8.9/10.


Does Jermaine have a surname? Or just Jermaine? What gender is the character, or are they ambiguous?


Jermaine Denlow. He’s male.


Thank you! Evan is actually his middle name and Adams is his last! And his mother is actually Haitian! (: I probably should’ve just put his first name, but I sometimes I just put their full names.