Get Your Character Names Rated


@therebelangel19 @dieukyungsoo thanks for the feedback!

I realized this morning that I did the translation wrong for Zeir La. It is actually meant to be Zeri La. Does that make it easier/better to read?


It definitely does!


Avalon Mae Hart - its meaning has little to no significance to the story… Avalon is believed to be the resting place of King Arthur, but it also means apple orchard and I’ve always loved the smell of apple blossoms. Mae is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘kinswoman’. Hart is basically the only name with meaning to the story as she’s a very empathetic girl with a big heart and a desire to help everyone.

I just kinda liked the name and how it flows which is why I picked it I guess :woman_shrugging:t3:


I really like the sounds of that! Does the name have any specific meaning or just liked the sounds of it?? haha


I think it does, Zeri is easier to say and looks prettier.


Avalon Mae Hart sounds really nice! It flows well and has clear etymology. They’re also names that again, people will recognize, but aren’t plastered everywhere and used again and again and again. I really like the name Avalon, and I think it’s easy to make nicknames out of it and it’s something people won’t mind repeatedly reading. I give it an 8/10!


It means ‘brother’ but it’s not of too much relevence to tha character haha. Thank you!


I like the name, however I don’t think there’s anything special about it, no offence. It is unique though, and I quite like Denlow. I think it’s a name people may need to let grow on them. 7/10


Micah Renee Byers - she’s a female character of mine, but her parents were convinced they were having a boy and wanted to name him Micah Rowan Byers, but when she was born and they realized she was a girl, they decided to name her Micah anyway and just changed the middle name to Renee :smile: The name Micah means “who is like God?” but I didn’t choose it for its religious subtext. Her surname, Byers, is the Anglicized spelling of the German surname Bayers, which means “person from Bavaria” so I’m guessing her ancestors came from Bavaria! I chose it as a nod to Will Byers, the Stranger Things character.

Calvin Elias Penrose - a male character of mine. His first name means “bald”, which is rather unfortunate, but lucky for him he has a head full of blond hair. I named him after an actor, and I’ve grown quite fond of the name despite its meaning. His last name, Penrose, is a Welsh name meaning “person from the highest part of the moorland”. I love the way it sounds but I found out someone else has a character also named Calvin Penrose, so I’m thinking of changing his last name to Cobane or Cobain, which is an Irish surname meaning “son of Kobbie”.

Bethany Teresa Adebayo - a female character of mine. Her parents are immigrants from Uganda, hence the surname. Heavily religious, they picked the Biblical name Bethany, meaning “house of figs”. The surname, Adebayo, means “the crown meets joy”. She goes by the name ‘Bea’ instead of ‘Beth’ from the time she’s in middle school and starts to resent the religious connotations of her name. I chose her first and middle names for their religious ties and her surname due to the fact that it can be found among residents of Uganda.

Andre Ruben Glöckner - a male character of mine. His parents are immigrants from Germany. I named him after an actor, but in the story his mother named him Andre after her deceased brother, who died in childhood. The name Andre means “manly, masculine” and his surname means “bell”, but I’m thinking of switching the surname out for something easier to pronounce.

Kristine Janice Bancroft - a female character of mine. I chose her first name because it is the middle name of one of my close friends, whom the character was originally based off of. The name Kristine means “a Christian” and her surname means “small enclosed bean field”. The meaning of the surname has no tie to the character, and I chose it because it was common in the area where the story takes place.

These are the main character for my novel Love Among Freaks, which actually used to be on Wattpad until I took it down recently lol.


My main characters name is Perella, it is a Latin name and a variation on the name Pearl. I didn’t look up the meaning of her name until after I named her, but I found out it means “one who has been tested” which is pretty fitting, because she lives in an underground shelter, in a world with no laws. So she has not had the easiest life :smile:


For your Glöckner character: It’s a great name and not that often seen in english stories. ^^


9/10 I am here for chicks with masculine names. However, Renee usually has a little ` accent over the second ‘e’. I mean, technically you can spell it whichever way you want but also technically, without the little accent that name is pronounced Ren-EE.

I love that last name tbh. But Cobane works really well too. Calvin Cobane. Sounds like a celebrity name. 10/10

Alright, alright. I see where you’re coming on with the religious connotations. But may I also point out that neither ‘Bethany’ nor ‘Teresa’ bring obvious religious ideas to mind, except maybe ‘Mother Teresa’. Adebayo is a cool last name, although it doesn’t flow as well with Bethany Teresa. 8/10.

very good. 10/10. Although, the first thing that pops up for Andre when you google it is a translation andre(Norwegian) -> others (English).

Flows well, a little tiny bit boring but I love the meaning of the surname. It’s adorable ;u; 9.5/10


Perella is a sweet name, it makes me think of Pearl from Steven Universe. Does she have a last name?
6/10 < would be more but… last name?


Why is Calvin such a common name? Do people actually wanna name their kids ‘bald’?
But 7.5/10 for the character name! I quite like how it rolls of my tongue. Why’d you take the book down?


Perella Calane is her full name :slight_smile:


I love the background to all of your names. I can tell you’ve put a bunch of time and effort into them, and these characters are quote complex and well developed.
I give Micah Renee Byers a 9/10. There’s not much to critique or what I would change, and I think all three names are very pretty. And plus, we all love Will.
I give Calvin Elias Penrose a 7/10 - I like Calvin, but it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs or Calvin Klein, albeit, not bad namesakes. I think Elias flows well with Calvin, but Penrose is where we seem to run into a bit of trouble - Penrose is such a gorgeous surname, but it reminds me of King Arthur Pendragon, which, again, isn’t a bad namesake. However, I think it has a bit of an old timey vibe to it, and I’d use it for a character that’s often referred to as their surname. I like Cobane/Cobain, but Cobain also reminds me of Kurt Cobain, so I’d be careful with that. I think for a name like Calvin, avoid any surnames that start soft, like Sh or Ch, and go with surnames that start harshly, like similar to Cobain.
I give Bethany Teresa Adebayo a 10/10 - I love the diversity of this character and this name, and again, this name really shows how complex and developed your characters are. She sounds like the kind of character I’d love to read about,
I give Andre Ruben Glockner an 8/10 - again, I love the diversity of it, so I wouldn’t bother changing Glockner. It shows how rich your characters are, and again, the background of the name shows how complex your characters are. However, perhaps it’s just me, but something is a little off with the flow of Andre Ruben Glockner, but I think it’s something the reader would grow used to.
I like Kristine and I like Bancroft (kudos for realism, there’s a town near me called Bancroft), but Janice sort of sets it off for me. Kristine Bancroft gives the allusion of a pretty, popular girl, but Janice gives the allusion of some stereotypical nerdy loser girl with dark pigtails and braces (not that there’s anything wrong in looking like that, haha). Again, there’s also something with the flow of Kristine Janice, but I think having a middle name that offsets the rest of the name is something that could potentially humanize your character more, depending on how she’s perceived by others. 8/10.
Also bonus marks for the title Love Among Freaks - again, something I’d totally look at in a bookstore and sounds really intriguing!


personally when i see andre i think of a french name haha, or like andre the giant


Perella Calane is a beautiful name and flows well. However, I think the reader would get tired of reading Perella over and over again, so i’d suggest using her as a side/minor/secondary character or giving her a nickname (Pearl does work! Or even just Ella!) Overall, 7/10.


Yes, in the story his parents chose to spell it as ‘Andre’, a more Americanized spelling, as opposed to André, the more common spelling in Germany and France. They really wanted their son to grow up as an American boy lol so they decided to take that extra step


I took it down because a friend of mine told me books are harder to get published if they’ve already been online - that and I’m rewriting some parts of it, but maybe I’ll put it back up someday :grin: