Get Your Character Names Rated


I’m actually going to share with my main character’s name from a story that hasn’t been publishes (yet).
Her name is Rhyme Juliet and the reason why I chose it was that first of all, she’s a funny character and she I wanted to give her a unique name, strange even, so that she would protest about it and yeah, create more comic moments.
At the same time, I gave it a back story. Her parents named her after something related to music but also to literature, which were two things they were very passionate about.


8/10 - It has quite a fairy tale ring to it. Or Shakespearan, so you hit what you intended. :slight_smile: For me, personally, Rhyme is too obvious. Maybe a slight change would make her name even more unique, though it’s difficult to alter.


Ligeia of Dorset, nee Ada. - She turns out to be queen of the country Dorset in Odhafey, is believed dead after four years of reign (but actually sent to Earth) and returns about eleven years later under a different name (Eliza) and changed physical appearance so she could escape her predators.
Ligeia was a bit naive at first, unsecure, unable to remember faces, but warm-hearted. She learned to become stronger and more considerate and fight for what is hers without loosing her kindness.
When people ask if it’s Ligeia like in Poe, she fter her returns always states: ‘Exactly like Poe.’

Cronin of Dorset - Firsborn of the family line, becomes king of the country Dorset, loving Ligeia as his queen.
After her apparent death he allows his first housemaid too much of control over staff - so while still being amazing in international politics and helping to bring a war to its end, he becomes more and more blind for the housemaid supressing her people and his younger brother plotting to get the throne.


Rhyme Juliet sounds nice, and rolls off the tongue nice. Is Juliet her surname? I don’t like that as a surname and I think it sounds too given name-ish, but it would totally work as a middle name, per se. Overall, I give it a 6/10. Rhyme is nice, but I’m not sure how it works as a name. I would totally shorten it Rhy most of the time.


I LOVE the name (and the story) Ligeia. I also like the alternate of Eliza - both are quite powerful names, and Ligeia has that otherworldly feel to it. 9/10.
I also like the name Cronin, and again, has that otherworldly feel to it. It also sounds pretty masculine and king-like. 8/10.
On a side note, your story sounds super interesting, haha, and although I haven’t watched much of it, the names remind me of something I’d get out of Voltron haha, that’s a compliment


My character’s name is Lily Morino. Lily just seemed like a sweet, whimsical name, which fits the fantasy of the story. Morino is because her father is Italian, and I looked through a list of Italian last names and liked that one :woman_shrugging:


Sorry, I’m joining this convo kinda late.

Emerson Wolfe (she’s a girl)

Reid Lynch (he’s a guy)

My story is titled Red and Wolfe–it has thematic ties to Little Red Riding Hood, but Emerson is taking on the character of the wolf (loosely) and her nickname for Reid is Red. I guess the concept was that Reid is immediately interested in Emerson because she’s kind of a bad girl with dangerous habits, so he strays from the so-called goody two shoes of school. I’d love to know your thoughts.


8/10 Interesting mixture of two different cultural and relative aspects. It does beg the question of there family’s background.

She sounds interesting as a name, but it also sounds quite posh making me wary of her personality.

This name interests me due to the last name. It is rather perculiar but also has some past relevance.

Here are some of my characters:
Tomilson Lloyd Piscar, and his siblings: Elio Lloyd Piscar and Rela Sarah Piscar



Haha yeah I can see how Emerson might sound posh. She lives in a really bad, abusive home and is basically hellbent on hating the world. She’s snarky and sarcastic.


I love your characters’ names. They flow really nicely and sound elegant but not overly rich.


Aisare (E-ray-zha) Rhea Wolf

Yeah…this is a weird one, heh! In her mystical society, names are regularly pronounced backward. The whole entire language was once read this way, but that was lost after everyone almost died. It is now limited to names only! Rhea means “flowing” and we all know what a wolf is. The last part of her name is meant to portray she is a “graceful wolf,” for her father is a valiant warlord who took pride in loyalty. A gentle, yet fiery heart!

Her first name? It’s supposed to mean “Mother of.” in their lost language. She’s distantly related to long-gone royalty, but most first-girls of the line has always retained some variation of Aerisiati (E-ta-seer-rei), who is considered the first queen and the mother of the country.


@LadyTiramisu it’s a mixed family, actually, and her first name doesn’t come from either culture, haha! She’s adopted, and her father is Italian and her mother is Japanese.


Honestly? Awesome af culture detail! Just, just… if names are regularly pronounced backwards, why isn’t her whole name pronounced backwards? Like, why isn’t it Aisare Eahr Flow? or Flow Eahr Aisare? Are you telling me her name is meant to be pronounced Erasia Eahr Flow because names are usually pronounced backwards and those two parts of her name are spelled forwards?

7.5/10 for cool but confusing culture rules.


Hon hon, how do we feel about these monk names?

Téthys Seenii - Papa monk, Tethys is the name of the titaness of fresh water, I added the accent because I pronounce the word ‘tay-thiss’ when in reality it’s supposed to be pronounced ‘tee-thiss’ (soft 'th’s). Seenii is the Russian word for blue.

Thalassa Seenii - Ultimate surgeon monk, Téthys’s younger brother. Thalassa is the name of the primeval spirit of the sea and again, Seenii is a Russian word meaning ‘blue’.

Chaska Ŝĉaslivy - Cook monk. Chaska is the name of the Incan goddess of dawn and Ŝĉaslivy is Russian for ‘happy’, because Chaska is a cheerful, caring person. I didn’t intend for them all to have Russian last names, it just happened because Obvious Theme was necessary for something.

Enebish Rieka - Wolf girl who isn’t a monk but lives in Helrol the Village just outside of Helrol the Monk Sanctuary. Enebish (Not this one) Rieka (power of the wolf). Originally named Gan, her parents changed her name to Enebish (and her brother’s name to Terbish) after the sudden death of their eldest child. The name changes were intended to ward off any ill-meaning people or entities that might harm their children, but Enebish introduces herself as Rieka and is called Rieka by everyone except her parents.

I need russified nicknames for these three, because damn are these names long
Utrennyaya Zvechzy - Prosthetics monk #1 Utrennyaya is ‘the morning star’ and Zvechzy is me twisting a word for ‘star’ to match the other last names on this list.

Vechernyaya Zvechzy - Prosthetics monk #2, the evening star.

Polunochnaya Zvechzy - Prosthetics monk #3, the midnight star.


6/10. Lily is a pretty name, and easily fits pretty much any character. Morino is a nice name, and although no one in the book has a name like that, it reminds me of something I’d see in The Virgin Suicides (which happens to be one of my favorite books, haha!).


On its own, I don’t really like Wolfe as a surname, but knowing the background of the story and why her name is that it suits it much better. I LOVE the name Emerson. 7/10.
I see Reid as more of a surname rather than a given name, but again, I can see why you chose that. If I didn’t know better, I would think Reid Lynch would be that Austin Moon guy or one of his siblings from R5 haha! 6/10.


I really like the surname Piscar. Original, but leaves me wondering the etymology of it. I like Rela Sarah and Elio Lloyd. Rela is very original and pretty, and Elio has a sort of classiness to it. However, Tomilson as a given name is where I run into a road block; to me it sounds like a surname. I’d suggest referring to him mainly as Lloyd or a nickname, like Tom. Overall, 6/10, 7/10, and 9/10.
(Also, unrelated side note: is there a reason Tomilson and Elio share a middle name? Or am I reading it wrong? It’s interesting considering they’re siblings haha)


At first I was like “gurl how you gettin erayzha from aisare???” but reading the background of it, I can tell you’ve put so much time and effort into this and these names really show it. I love the background and functions of the language, too, and Aisare is very pretty. Again, though, I don’t like Wolf as a surname, but I can see why you chose that. Rhea is also quite pretty and uncommon, and balances Aisare out. 8/10, and I’d totally read your book haha


I like Téthys Seenii, and give it an 8/10. I’d slip somewhere in your story how to pronounce the majority of these names for those who aren’t familiar - having too many hard to read names can turn readers away. I give Thalassa Seenii another 8/10; I’d probably gives this a 9/10 or even a 10/10 if Thalassa was a female character. The name and the legend are feminine, and for me, Thalassa sounds a little awkward for a male character. I like the meaning of Chaska Ŝĉaslivy, but for some reason the name Ŝĉaslivy doesn’t sit well with me. I’d limit usage of it. 7.5/10. I absolutely love Enebish Rieka, especially with the background of the name. 9/10. I like how you’ve twisted the name Zvechzy (and Tethys), and I like the meanings of them, too. If you’re looking to shorten them, I’d still give them that name as a whole, but mainly refer to them as Utrenn, Vecher, and Polunoch; just take off the naya/yaya. I give it a collective 8/10.


So, one of my characters I gave the name “Ciecro” [See-eck-row]
There’s nothing really significant about the name other than I just made it up. As for why I choose it, for some reason it just popped in my head, never left, got catchy with the pronounciation and overall became the name I went with.


I love the originality of that name. I am a total sucker for things like that. However, a lot of people told me that having names like that may be confusing to the reader unless you put in the pronunciation in like you did. Other than that I think you should go right for it. Do you have the last name of the character by any chance? Saying the full name might give you another rating because the flow of the full name is an aspect that can be judged.

Character names:
Wren Dolson (female)
Quinton (Quincy) Adderson (male)
Aslan Cayne (male)
Felix Le (male)