Get Your Character Names Rated

Glad you like the name.
Technically I do have a last name for him, but more often they aren’t used since using them is formal in my work and so far he’s only really interacted with friends.

But yeah, his name is.
Ciecro Almkin
[See-eck-row Alm-kin]

Ciecro Almkin has a nice ring to it. You made the name up, so obviously its unique, and the pronunciation seems easy enough. 8/10.

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I love Wren Dolson. It’s unique, yet realistic. 10/10. Again, I like Quincy Adderson. It’s fun to day, and Adderson as a surname is really nice. 9/10. I like the nmae Aslan Cayne, but Cayne sounds like a given name to me, even though I know its a surname. It flows well, but Aslan certainly hogs the attention. 9/10. I like the name Felix Le, but it reminds me of Felix Lee from the KPop boy group Stray Kids (idk if you know them or even like kpop, but stray kids is pretty lit). 7/10.

Her middle and last name isn’t pronounced backward because they’re considered “fake.” Should’ve specified that it’s a special royalty/nobility lineage thing, but they also have to keep it somewhat discreet for reasons I won’t tell you. Having the first name pronounced backward isn’t too uncommon where they live, but if they were to actually inherit their full, true names, it would be really sketchy. They want to honor their lineage, but they can’t, so they’re sneaky about it!

The language died in almost everyone except the royal family. Only they actually knew the backward language, and even then, they were changing as well. Something bad happened in their history, so to at least pay their respects, while they contorted their language, only the first name remained as a piece of the dead culture. In the modern world, though, it’s not all that special anymore! It’s considered respectful to have your child’s name, even if it’s not of some ancient ancestor, to be pronounced backward due to some other stuff.

Yeah, yeah, lot’s of holes because I don’t feel like telling you, but I will say: Violence and pressure. But only that!

It’s a fake name! Well, the last part of it is fake. The royal lineage usually had a surname that was representative by an animal, so they wanted to respect it in some way. Her Dad and Mother’s last names aren’t even wolf, so there’s also another reason for that surname, buuuut you can’t know. It was something between the parents though.

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So here’s another character for yah.
Jaron Almkin - [Jair - run] [Alm - Kin]

So context, this is Ciecro’s younger brother and when picking the name I wanted something small and nice. His name in the context of the story is actually a naming over a friend of his parents. “Garon”. As for why I chose it specifically, there wasn’t anything special save for it being a nice short name to help distinguish him from his two other siblings who both have longer first names.

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Another name that’s short and sweet, like what you’re going for. Again, easy to pronounce. I’m not sure what sort of universe your story is set in, but the sound of Jaron gives me a foreign sort of feel, although I wouldn’t be able to place exactly where. I also like the canon background of the name; 7.7/10.

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Jaron is the name of one of my favorite characters from a book series I read when I was younger! As such it’s one of my favorites and I’m biased. 10/10

Jonathan Durant: His last name means ‘enduring’, and he does have to struggle through hardships.

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So, I think I’ll throw out another name just for fun.

Demetri Taylrow - [Dem-ee-tree] [Tail-row]

Now, in choosing this name the first was due to the rather quizzical nature of this character and Demetri fit well for it being a slightly longer first name as well as being spelled a bit differently than your basic Dimitri. The last name is actually a bit inspired by the linguistic heritage. His father in the canon is from a place you could associate their linguistics to be the UK and therefore searching led me to find the last name Taylor as something interesting. I then did it with a spin of a certain species that inhabits that place that would go well and thus the name was done.

These characters are superheroes, so the ones in parenthesis are their hero names.

Katherine Amnesty (Iki Jigoku)- This is the only one whose hero name I actually put effort into creating. It translates, using the right kanji, to Living Hell. Why Japanese? Because this character is an otaku through and through.
Astrid Green (Mercury)
Damien Lopez (Mars)
Christian Woodsen (Venus)
Isabelle Delmon (Jupiter)

Altogether, they make the Taiyoukei, which translates to solar system. I basically made up all of their civilian names, and all the other hero names are directly influenced by the Sailor Scouts from the Sailor Moon franchise. But hey, it was their idea.

It’s a simplistic name, easily realistic, and I like the meaning behind it. 7/10.

I always love hearing how you’ve come up with these names haha! Despite the spellings, I think they’re easy enough to pronounce, but are still unique. I haven’t heard any variant of the name Taylrow (or Taylor, now that you mention it), and the way you’ve spelled Demetri is quite pretty. 8/10.

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I was gonna say, “Hey, ever seen Sailor Moon?” haha :joy: I’m not the biggest fan of the idea of them also using planets as hero names, simply because I’ve grown up so much with Sailor Moon, but by the looks of it you’ve put a different spin on it and there’s other concepts that use planet names, Sailor Moon doesn’t own it. I like the meaning behind Iki Jigoku, and Katherine Amnesty has a nice ring to it. Amnesty is a really nice name, and I’d personally use it for a character who’s mainly referred to as their surname. It also looks almost like ‘amethyst’, which makes your character have an air of importance. Astrid Green has a nice balance to it, and I think Damien Lopez could use a bit of work. It sounds diverse, which is great, but sounds like a side character on a teen supernatural show. Christian Woodsen is also nice, and flows well, and I adore Woodsen as a surname. Something easily realistic, but something I personally haven’t seen before. Isabelle Delmon sounds like she’s the one who turns on them in the end, haha! Maybe daughter of a rich family. A nice sounding name, overall.

Iki Jigoku - 8.7/10
Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter - 2.3/10 (maybe higher if these were already given human names, no offence love)
Katherine Amnesty - 8.2/10
Astrid Green - 7/10
Damien Lopez - 4/10
Christian Woodsen - 8.3/10
Isabelle Delmon - 8.6/10

So time I do one that will be a little different from my others.
An antagonist in my story has the name “Tyr” [Tier]

Now this isn’t his real name, but one given once being with the bad guys. The reason I chose this one for him is namely due to the mythological aspects to it. When I choose the names for the antagonists, I normally look at things related to who they were/what they were like before going in and thus what they wish to leave behind.

The name “Tyr” was inspired by the Germanic deity mythology “Tyr” namely for the egnimatic nature this God possesses and the sort of showy aspects he possess. I feel this name fits him well due to his rather comedic, carefree, and humorous nature has signs of something deeper and more mysterious if not makes you question why is he the way he is.

As for his name before becoming Tyr it is
Belguille Brouwer [Bel - geell] [Brow - wher]

The first name was something I conceived on my own. Nothing to special or significant save for wanting a name that was more dutch in nature since that is Tyr’s place of birth. The last name is actually funny, since Tyr does like to drink alchohol and “Brouwer” is a dutch surname meaning “Brewer”.

As always I love the history behind your character’s names and I think that’s something I’ll ever get tired of hearing. Tyr is so simple, yet the meaning and energy it gives your character is so complex and powerful. Easy 10/10. Belguille Brouwer is another quote pretty name, and I like how you’ve incorporated the etymology into it. Belguille also gives me a sort of French vibe to it, but the name itself has a sort of harsh and masculine. 8/10.

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I think I’ll drop another, but one that actually took me some more time to make.

I have an antagonist that is in the organization that is give the name Egguilsher [egg-gill-sher].
Egguilsher is a fusion of the “Three configurations of the sefirot” being Iggulim -Circles, Yosher -Upright, Ish -Man.

These reflect the way he views the world in a way like they are the three interpretations of the Sefirot. He can see the world as “Circles” or all the same, this allows him to do anything required of him to anybody without so much as batting an eye and not seeing anyone of a higher or lesser value or notice. “Upright” is his balance factor, where he does what he does for the goals set before him and doesn’t deviate from them while at the same time not going too far into them to I guess you could say “restrict himself”. “Man” is the humanistic view. Where he sees sentience as it is all around him and often comments on the aspects that is the “nature” of this and why it allows him to be his own. Everyone see the world in it’s own view, like he can see it in three.

This is aided by him being able to sort of shift in mentality between these three interesting aspects, like one can interpret the Sefirot in those three configurations.

PLEASE TELL ME THERE WILL BE AT LEAST ONE EGG JOKE :joy::joy::egg: I love the fusion of the name, how each part means something else and is relevant to the character. If broken down within the book, it will help the reader with foreshadowing and understanding the character. However, I think readers may have trouble pronouncing the name, and I can see readers growing tiresome of having to read that long of a name over and over again. Compared to some of your other names, it doesn’t flow as well phonetically. I would refer to it as an acronym or shortened name if possible. 7/10

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Ok here are a few of the names of the more important characters in one of my stories.
I put a lot of thought into the naming system of this story in particular, so hopefully, this list isn’t too long.

Here are the first two:
Corinne Henderson - Her first name is meant to be similar to, but not easily traced back to the word Corona (The outer layer of the sun visible only during an eclipse) Subtly tying her into the characters below.
Enna Briggs - I wanted her name to sound common, but to be unique, so I altered the name Emma and her last name is from a park I visited a while back.

All of the Characters below are from a fantasy setting. I tried to theme their names around Astronomy and mythology.

Niera Fessian - This character is meant to draw parallels to the Greek goddess Artemis. Her name is a combination of Nira and Neoma (meaning light and moon respectively). Her last name is an altered form of Hessian (meaning deer).

Orion Wisterns - Orion is the Greek mythological hunter and constellation. his last name is a merging of the words “Wind Storms” which relates to his character.

Jasper Irales - He has a special ability involving precious metals and gemstones and the general color palette of Jasper, matches perfectly with how I picture this character. His last name is completely made up to try and match the sound of the others in this world.

Wynn Meridian - I wanted this character to came across as gentle, sweet, and a bit strange (Think a less eccentric Luna Lovegood).

Ariadne - This character’s backstory reflects a lot of elements from the Greek myth of Ariadne betraying her father to lead Theseus through the Labyrinth. Her last name is not mentioned to avoid major spoilers for the story.

Infinite- meaning: limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
Infinite is the Ultimate Mercenary, this fate had been chosen for him when he was born. His name is Infinite because, when he was born, his parents knew that his reign of terror would be infinite.

Amara - Grace (also means Bitter)
The second-best mercenary/thief/Gun-4-Hire on the planet, Amara is only outshown by her fiance, Infinite. No one knows what bloodline she comes from, just that she was abandoned when she was 3. The name literally popped into my head in November 2018, along with a visual image of her (wearing a fur coat of all things!), so her name’s been Amara since the beginning

My Character’s name is Catrina Malone. I chose it because it’s a werewolf book where she is transformed. So Cat becomes a wolf… I thought it was funny.

I have another character name Genevieve Swallow. I’m not sure if I should change her last name. It was like the bird but everyone who hears it thinks otherwise…