Get Your Character Names Rated


I like the meaning behind Corinne, and it is a pretty name, but at the same time, nothing special or something that drastically stands out. Henderson is also a pretty normal surname I’m sure many people have seen before, so overall this makes your character sound pretty normal and human. 7/10.
I really like the surname Briggs - something people have likely seen before, but it’s not bland or basic, either. Enna totally has the sound you’re looking for, and the name flows well. 8.4/10.

Niera is a beautiful name, and Fessian is beautiful as well, but I feel like that could also be used for a masculine character’s given name. Once explained, the ties to Artemis are there, but otherwise aren’t evident. 7.8/10.

Orion is my favourite constellation and myth, and the name radiates power and raw masculine authority. He sounds like a strong, royal character, but moreso a guard, per se, than a king. Wisterns has a nice ring to it, and goes well with Orion. 8.5/10.

Jasper is a more simple name than the others, but Jasper also holds meaning and reflects upon your character, which I like. Irales sounds nice on its own, and it sounds nice with Jasper, too, but I feel there are names that flow better with Jasper. 7.8/10.

Wynn is another simple name, and matches really well with Meridian, but it sounds like a name an elderly lady would have (no offence). 6.8/10.

Ariadne is also a pretty name, but I think some readers will have difficulty pronouncing it. It also looks similar to the myth of Arachne in a sense. 6.8/10.


Although I like the background of the name Infinite, I wouldn’t use it as a given name for a character. I’d use it as a title, rather, and give him a human name of sorts, if that makes sense. 4.2/10. (I’d try translating it into another language; this link may help! I personally like the Greek, Hausa, and Esperanto, and shortened versions of Khmer, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Lithuanian. I’d also take into consideration what you imagine the ethnicity of this character to be.)

Amara is a gorgeous name, and holds a lot of power and authority, but also that feminine energy. She sounds like a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.


Catrina Malone sounds nice, but I’d take Katrina or Catarina/Katarina as well. You’ll still have that wonderful cat pun, even if it’s not so blatantly obvious. I personally like the spelling with the K better, and you could shorten it to Kat while still having that essence you’re looking for, but again, not so obvious. 7.2/10.

I like the name Genevieve, and it looks like the name Guinevere, who was the wife of King Arthur, so it gives off that powerful, independent, dainty, beautiful sort of vibe, bit I would 100% change her last name. No offence love, but it makes her sound like a pxrn star. I’d use another sort of bird. Trochilidae isn’t too common and sounds nice, and I think Cassowary, Astrapia, and Merganser sound nice, too (you could take away or add a few letter to these, so instead of Casswary, it’d be Cassoway, or spell it differently). I’d stay away from Bushtit or Woodcock, though, and any other basic ones (robin, flamingo, chickadee) or ones that sound strange for a surname, like coot, thick-knee, or buttonquail. This list is long, but may help.
I give the name Genevieve an 8/10, but the last name gets a 2/10. I like the meaning, but sounds awkward and would change it.


Ahh, I’m an idiot.

He’s a jackal.
An anthromorphic jackal.
I always forget to say that.
pardon me while I facepalm


my dumbäss looks up what a jackal is
it says the word jackal comes from french, persian, and sanskrit, so i’d look at those maybe :slight_smile:


So, time for hopefully a better one than last time and a return to form.
another prominent character in my story is named Swift Rubris - [Swift] [Roo - briss]

While the name has no special meaning behind it’s selection, what does make it special is the in context story behind this naming. The character is an orphan who didn’t really accept the name given by his dead mother because of some bitterness he accumulated over the living there. While there, he developed a nice sense of running and it became sort of his savior from bullies and hobby. While there he made a friend there from a new boy called Garon [Gair - run]. Garon looked up to Swift and of course asked for the name, but Swift denied he had one. This wouldn’t do for Garon so he named him something close to Swift’s heart. His running, so thus his name became Swift. It wasn’t till they were older that Garon wanted to include Swift having his last name since they needed one for entry into military training and they were already close as brothers by then.

Thus, the duo of Garon and Swift Rubris came into being.


Swift Rubris sounds like the titular character in an Indiana Jones type of movie. If you’re going for a genre like that, very action packed, I love it, but if your story is slower or a different genre (like realistic/dystopian teen fiction, for example) I think the name is a little out there and out of place for the genre. Garon runs well with Swift Rubris, and when you say the duo’s name together it rings nicely. 9/10, but if it follows a slower genre 2/10, simply because it’d be out of place.


Main character’s name is Timmy Manson. Worth mentioning that the imaginary friend who accompanies him the whole time on his journey is named Mr. Easybreeze.


I can assure you, both Garon and Swift will find themselves in plenty of action sequences.

And just so I don’t waste a post, here’s another one.

Lesath [ Leh - sah - th] The name, Lesath, was inspired by one of the two stars that are at the tip of the constellation Scorpio’s tail at the stinger. This is fitting for the character based on the overall role and approach he takes. He’s a blend into the background character who prefers doing lethal countering as a scorpion uses his tail to sting anyone that gets to close. Another aspect this inspiration plays is that he can feel to be a rather, “incomplete” character. By that I mean there are things he doesn’t know or has trouble understanding, just as there are two stars that make up the stinger. He’s very bad at multi-tasking and thus distractions can make his head overload and have trouble processing. There are other neat little things about this character, but I won’t discuss them since they aren’t related to his name.


My name for my character is Lorelei. It came from a German poet who wrote a story about a siren named Lorelei. The siren was supernaturally beautiful and lured boys in. One of Lorelei’s (My character) most defining traits is that she is beautiful in an eerie sort of way. I picked the name first because it seemed like one of those names that are beautiful but aren’t used that often. then I googled the meaning and based my character off of the meaning.


Timmy Manson sounds like the name for a young boy. If the character’s older, adult age, I’d try Timothy or something of the likes, but considering he has an imaginary friend with a name like that, that just gives more of a young sort of vibe. Easybreeze rolls off the tongue nice, and is fitting for an imaginary friend. Timmy Manson - 7/10. Mr. Easybreeze - 8.4/10.


Lesath gives off a sort of old-timey angel/demon kind of vibe. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him in Supernatural or something. I love the background to it, as always, and how it ties back. 7.8/10.


Does Lorelei have a surname? Generally, Lorelei is a pretty name, and I like how the myth and history of it relate back. Lorelei will get people thinking of Lorelai Gilmore, which strikes a certain image and essence with readers themselves. Lorelei on its own gets a 7.2/10.


Love that name for the same reason. :blush: So much fun to play with that backstory and meaning. 10/10

Amiira “Mira” Catalaya - The first name sounds like admire and if I remember it correctly as a Latin/Roman meaning of “loved one”. And she is loved by her family and those she is close to. Catalaya means starlight, I guess. Not quite sure anymore. In the story she chose Catalaya herself as it refers to her alien roots and is less obvious then Lumiere or Starlight.


I like the name Amiira and the meaning, and the surname Catalaya looks like Catalonian, so the background of the names both match well, and the names themselves flow well. Is Mira Spanish or Latin of any sorts, or solely just alien? Overall, 7.8/10.


Paula Huerta is my main female lead.

Creed Hader is my male lead.


Paula Huerta is a very smooth name. It just rolls right off the tongue. Creed Hader sounds like a rebellious name, so if they’re not a rebellious character I don’t suggest you naming them that.

Calypso Oden: Calypso means “The Hidden One” and Calypso is known for hiding more things about herself than she should. Calypso was also the name of someone in Greek Mythology. Oden is someone from Norse Mythology and I loved the idea of mashing two mythologies in one name.


How about Creed Knowl?


As a mythology buff, this name made me grin. But, I’m not a fan of how the end of the first name and beginning of the last name start with the same letter. It feels like I’m tripping over the repeated vowels whenever I say it in my head, you know? Luckily, Odin has like a billion other names!

Personally, I think Grimnir (translation: masked one) fits your character well.

I’m looking for a last name for these two siblings, suggestions?

Haedus (a constellation, translates to ‘the kid’)
Blast (science suffix, means ‘creating’. y’know, like an osteoblast?)


Thank you so much!