Get Your Character's Names Rated!

Come on down to this Name Game Town!!

Too much…? Sorry :flushed:

Hey, y’all, I am :rose: and we are going to play a fun game of…RATE. THAT. NAME!

The rules are simple:

  • Rate the name(s) of the character(s) above yours and then…
  • Add the name of your MAIN character and TWO secondary characters (that can be a love interest, family member, friend…anyone significant to your story)
  • The ratings are out of 10 :partying_face:
  • Only three characters max because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time to rate all twenty of your characters. I :hearts: you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can we get this show on the road? Yay, great!

I’ll start with mine because I just loooovee a good game :wink:

  • Freya Glasgow
  • Theo Freeman

7/10 it’s good but seems okay to me.

  • Ora Khein
  • Edwin Khein

Let’s say 8/10.
Tarryn Millicent Conlet
Ariana Hylla


9/10 I found them very original! =D
I have three characters who - for the most of the time - call each other by nicknames.
So I write the nickname and among brackets their real names.
Fade (Jane Merrick) (girl)
Jag (Nathan Obraz) (boy)
Nef (Neffen Shaw) (boy)


8/10 original and nice nicknames!

Cassandra (Cassie) Hale
Reign Leonte
Adriana Leonte


I guess my rating sort of depends on the context. I do like the look and sound of their names, I adore “fancy” names. But the name “Reign”, unless the story takes place in a in a non-urban setting (or the parent(s) of the character are from a non-urban setting) then the name yells “I’m a main character” to me. So 9/10 if the “unless” stuff applies, 7/10 if not.

Ilya Fedorov
Yegor Sobakin
Elaina Sobakina

Name Change Edit:


The last names have been changed, since I, a Russian speaker, felt it was too boring.

It’s now Ilya Sokolov, Yegor Kamenev and Elaina Vasilieva (her maiden bame being Kameneva)


I really like the Russian sounding names, they’re great. And I like that you got the feminine and masculine endings right!! 9/10 mainly because Ilya is one of my favourite names.

Wren Anenomi Ingoscu
Palenisa Gleissa

  • Freya Glasgow-6
  • Theo Freeman-4

Ryder Radtsille
Seyin Kail

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Ora Khein -8 (Ora <3)
Edwin Khein-7 (Edwin seems too normal, atleast for me lol)

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Tarryn Millicent Conlet-10 <3
Ariana Hylla-9

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For a friend:
Goldius Diamondback Topaz
Kristin Bloodmoon Topaz

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Well, I really like those names! They are full of originality so I’d say 9/10. They sort of sound like Vampires too.

Hiaru Shinji
and that’s it honestly.


I think it’s a 7/10
(Have no idea if I’m pronouncing it correctly tho :sweat_smile: sorry)

Main character: Lyra Fitzgerald
(I didn’t name the other main character, because my story is a fanfic, so… :wink:)
Other characters: John Hunter, Jake Samuel Jones

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Equinox LeBlanc (vampire)

Bay McCraw (human)

Dalir Malak

Enrique Santiago

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I like the name Lyra but the others are quite normal?

Nikomedes Claude Eduard Abilio Grothwic
Riva Phadnis
Coarla Blint

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Nell Heledus ( MC )
Amadio chudo ( her pet )

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I think that is a unique name!




Thank u ! took me some time to come up with :grin:


9/10, I’m assuming that it’s set in the past though? (I could be mistaken).

Rigel Frasier Vega
Eta Severn Vega
Corvus Moreau Lionheart

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8/10, I like the creativity behind it, and it sounds very Gothic.

Dan Garland
Lucas Garland
Pilot John

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