Post your fan fiction cover and have it rated by writers/readers of the same genre as you.


  1. Rate out of ten- one being the worst, ten being the best.
  2. Give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, don’t be disrepectful, hateful, etc.
  3. Be detailed in your feedback and try to offer as much help as you can, as you’d want someone to do the same to you.
  4. The cover must be made by you and not stolen from another story.
  5. Have fun and post your covers!!! :heart:



I know my authors name is missing, I am personally biased toward this cover since it is the first one I ever made.


Personally I like it, the simplcity of the words really compliments the photo. I think it’s really good, but I would add a watermark or author’s name just because sometimes they get taken and it’s a big mess.



I like the simplicity, but I actually think that your tittle could be a little bolder or bigger so that it really grabs attention. I also agree that you should add an author name for copyright reasons for your cover. 8/10




I like how the title seems part of the background but is still big enough to be noticed. The picture is nice too. Missing an authors name (I was just told again about that) but I really like it otherwise.



I know it sucks that the side of Paul’s head is cut off, but in the source image it was cut off by a door frame. I probably could’ve gone looking elsewhere for a more complete image, but aside from being incomplete, the pic I’ve used was perfect in terms of posture, expression and provocativeness. Not to mention that it comes from the conclusion of their canon affair in the movie, so I just couldn’t resist the appeal of association. :wink:


Thank you!


I would give your cover a solid 7/10. It is very dark but that is probably what you aimed for and sets the mood for a rather dark and maybe even a little scary story, Looking at the colorsheme and lighting and quality of the pictures aswell. However the fonts and the colors and effects you chose for the title and your name below, look very generic and word-art like and a little out of place. Besides that, it is a well rounded and nice looking cover. Well done! :smile:

My Cover:


Not the most exciting, I know but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts!

This is for a Harry Potter fanfic and I’m confused about the copywrite rules around using pictures of the characters, so I went with this to be safe.


I like this! It intrigues me. I love the gothic suspenseful feel. Like another person mentioned, I would add an author name.


@_neptunskinder Nice work! I like the cursive font for the title. It evokes a down-to-earth quality; like the musings someone writes in their journal, instead of something typed out on a computer (although come to think of it, does anyone journal by hand anymore?) But you get what I mean…

The photoshopping of the tree twigs looks good, but the snowflakes - particularly on their upper edges - don’t feel so neat. The transparency in those areas makes them look unnatural - like any snowflake that big would never be so transparent. So that’s a little distracting.

However, for me, the most distracting thing is that the characters seem to be dressed rather lightly for the snowy environment that the title and all the added elements seem to suggest. So the source image itself feels out of place (don’t worry, I can appreciate how difficult it can be to get a source image that suits the tone you’re going for adequately.:wink: )

Otherwise, an intriguing cover that suggests drama, character complexity, and an engaging, snowy setting. 7/10!


Nice to know!




I love this cover. 9/10, I would have made the black a bit longer just because part of the eye is still poking out. I absolutely adore the red lipstick and how it is the only piece of colour on the cover. Also, I usually don’t like covers with faces on them, especially so big, but something about the aesthetics and the eyes being covered on this one very nice and appealing. The title is kind of bland but it is obvious that it is Harry Potter, which is nice. The authors name is kind of small, so someone scrolling by wouldn’t see it be its big enough that a blown up version like this it is clearly visible.




rated 6/10: cover is too small and compressed, likely saved as a jpeg? save it as a png, and make sure the cover is 512x800.

colour of the text in the title is half-fine, that grey should be white to stand out better and match with the author name and review at the bottom. the font of the grey text is rather peculiar as well.

black bar is unnecessary and should be removed.

the choice of photograph is fine, strong awareness of colour and composition.

here is my cover for review:



Overwatch Anthology rating: 9.5/10

This was very well done! I like the use of complementary colors (purple with the yellow title). The images are well chosen and very clean in what I assume is an edited blend. (the mask-guy behind her) The fonts are nice, too. I especially like the effects on it.

My two comments for improvement: One, maybe make the authors slightly bigger. You want to make sure they’re readable. Two, tint one or two highlight areas yellow. (Maybe the mask, and maybe draw out her eyes some?) It will make the cover more balanced (right now, the yellow at the bottom is very nice and bold, but I think a few yellow hints other places [in the rule of thirds especially] would just make it look more well-rounded.)

(the quality is better on the story/original upload - I had originally saved it in .png :expressionless:)