9.7/10: nice and simple, easy to read text with a great set of fonts and a strong sense of colour and composition, and a great image to boot

as you’ve mentioned that the file was originally a .png, i’ll ignore any obvious compression

i’ve also taken on board what you’ve said for the criticisms of my cover and adjusted it to boot, adding some yellow lighting here and there to match that of the text. i decided, however, not to adjust the size of the author and illustrator names, as they looked a little off when sized up.

the fixed cover is viewable here:



Love the concept of this cover. It’s original and creative.




I’d give it a 8/10, it’s really great, and the black and white gives off a vibe that says the story is going to be a little dark. With the title on the eye’s it kind of stands out a little bit too much like its too clear almost. I think if you make the black part over the eyes a little bigger and choose a softer font (the current one seems harsh for some reason idk) it would look great!!


8/10… I like the simplicity and the black and white setting of it, the picture you used also fits the title, I feel like there’s something missing, like something to fill all the white around the female picture, but other than that it’s really good :slight_smile:


Here’s mine:


8/10 — I think this has the potential to be fantastic. The composition for the most part is really great, but the only problem I find with it is the man’s hand. I honestly think you can get away with removing it or darkening the area to be in more shadows. That way the female’s hands lead you from your name to the title. Once the hand is removed or darkened, the title can be moved a smidgen lower so it isn’t so close to the hand. But yeah, good cover nonetheless.



I did 2 other covers as well but they pretty much look like that. I’m not really good so I’d love to have advice since it’s my first cover haha


i made it years ago ok, ik jb fanfic - just wanted to be part of this game lol


i mean the cover is really simple, it looks a bit too normal, there’s nothing interesting about it.
the font could be more in the middle, and be a bit more block than so thin and curly, as there’s many colors around and it all looks a bit out of place.
and idk personally it annoys me how the picture cuts at his forehead, so maybe a new picture that focused more on him than his soup? xD

i would give it 5/10
not bad at all for a beginner =D


Since you rated their cover already, do I need to do it as well?

here’s my cover


i mean my cover hasn’t been rated yet lol, its the blurry ugly jb one my god
but i’ll rate yours :*


Ohhh I’ll do it then! Do you mind reposting it?


i love this already! it’s so soft and gives me an innocent/sweet vibe
it kinda reminds me of a poetry cover, just because its so soft, maybe a more vibrant vibe, just like a tiny tiny bit

the fonts personally work well together, but your name is placed a weird place since it made me think that this was a part of the title, so maybe make your name smaller or place it another place? cause i noticed who the cover was made by first, but the author’s name didn’t really grab my attention.
personally i really adore this cover (=

i’d give it 9/10


@Nonfictionism mhm ik it’s ugly i just wanted to rate others ahah


LOL trust me I tried many other places and this is where it looked best


oh well :joy:
it looks good still, am i bad at covers for suggesting making it the same black color as the drawing sksksk


Thanks for the advice. The picture was naturally cropped at his forehead but I get what you mean. I’ll try to do better


no problem (:
it was your first too


Yeah definitely my first. I think I should ask somebody to help me but keep trying for myself