there’s a bunch of people on the threads that can help you, and a ton of youtube videos were people tell how to do it


Yeah thanks ! I just asked someone to help me with one of them and I’ll try to make the other one look better. (I have 2 other covers that looks quite the same that’s why I didn’t publish them here)



warning: I can be VERY brutal. Sorry! (I feel guilty since you were so sweet)


-your names’s a bit too up, might wanna bring that just a bit down
-the photoshopping need quite a bit of work, it just seem wrong with the background image.
-the font absolutely does not match your cover/vibe (?) (I hope you know what I mean)
-The cover art is okay-ish, I feel like you can do better

Other than this, it’s WAY better than most wattpad covers I’ve seen. Great job.

SORRY! (I hate being this blunt)


ppl aren’t hating on here, btw you are not bad at all it was your first
my first should never be on here :joy:


i’m scared to read it lol


Ahah you’re really nice thank you !


no problemos :smiley:


oh that’s not bad at all, i thought you would slaughter me c:
i agree on all of it, i know what not to do now xD


Lol some people just butthurt, that’s why I like warning people ahead of time


true, they see it as hate


I’m getting this back on track.
@niivar I’d give your cover a 7/10
I like the detail and the city scape below the characters up the top. The storm in the background also gets me a feel for the idea of your story being a bit spooky and dangerous. However, your title doesn’t really pop and I found it difficult to find the author’s name. I’d advise enlarging the author’s name and maybe playing with the font of the title!


And here is my cover


To be completely honest, 3/10. There’s no focus in the actual cover, you’re using about 3-4 different fonts with 5 different text colors (Which a complete no-no), and I think you can do a bit better on the actual cover art. I might’ve been a bit harsh, but that’s just my opinion.

Here is my cover




Roast me XD


I would rate the cover 5/10.
I don’t think your cover is so bad that it could be roasted. Here are a few corrections that could make it dazzle:
1)Use a less compressed image. Go for something greater than 512x800.
2)Use photo-editors like canva.
3)Use a font that goes with the theme of your story
4)You can possibly add a more eye-catching image.
If you still have problems making a cover, you can PM me and I can get you one. :smile:

Here is my cover:


8/10. It is a good cover, but it is pretty basic. It looks like you spent about two minutes on it. I do like the white and red contrast though.



Sike! I just changed my cover (was not planned). Would love to hear some thoughts.


@Shadowbird38 Not a super huge fan of the grayscale, but the faceclaim is super cute! I’d maybe also change up the title font, make it bigger (especially since “gold” is only four letters), place the word “firefly” slightly higher up so it isn’t being cut off at the end, and change it to a more visible color. 6/10.


I updated my cover…what do you guys think?


This is a Daryl Dixon/Walking Dead fanfiction. I painted the cover image so be kind! haha


Wow, beautiful!!