Thank you, you were kind!


Here’s my cover for my other book:


I love all the colors and how easy they are on the eyes! The fonts are also nice and simple - easy to read.

This is an early version of the final cover. I’m planning on changing it, but I’d love some opinion on it as it is now.


9/10 great colors, very eye catching! Only think I might say is that it would be nice if the image was just a little sharper.


Thanks a lot. Btw, your new cover looks amazing!


7/10: It’s quite dark and the title is very hard to read. I get that you want to go for the grunge/destroyed look but maybe find a font that’s easier to read. The thing that pops the most is the “Cowboy Bebop”, maybe try to soften that part and focusing more on the actual title.

Here’s mine:


9/10 : i really went woah when I saw it. especially loving the fonts use, two contrasting fonts for the titles are always one of the formulas to go to. tho, i felt like your name could be a little out of place, it might actually be just me. the font is okay but if it’s slightly lower and smaller(just a little) and it’s white. i personally felt it would be better. but overall, i really like it.

here’s mine:


7/10 It’s not bad, but I feel it looks a little crowded, and the background doesn’t quite match the rest of the cover. Your title and username are also quite small, and would be a bit difficult to read if someone was scrolling through Wattpad and passed your story. I’d try resizing them, and moving them up higher on the cover.

Here’s mine.


The Captain’s names: Captain in Barbossa’s title blends in with his had at the bottom of the c and most of the a due to lack of contrast. Maybe shifting his name/ title up to a solid color background or down. I like it otherwise

Here’s my cover: