I really liked the background picture. I just think it would look better if you had put the title on the top part and not the bottom one. Your author’s name would look best in the bottom if the title was on top, in the sky. A black font would look amazing too. Maybe play with the font a little and choose another font for cards? 8/10



I’ve rated this one before lmao, I love it! 9/10



8/10 - Fairly good cover, but very low picture quality. Nice use of negative/positive space.



7/10. The font at the bottom thtows me off a bit but other than that, it’s a really nice cover. Here’s mine.



For the record, I love yours! I was skimming through and it caught my attention.

Love the pink sunset glow.

There’s something about her hand reaching up and just barely touching the title that is intriguing. Much better than if they were kissing in the ocean and her hand wasn’t in the air.

It would be a 9 for me :slight_smile:



I actually saw this on one of the Share Your Story feeds before finding it here and it caught my eye!

I will tell you what happened when I first saw it. I read it as: A novel by Baby Billionaire. Then I realized the two different fonts and knew that you were saying the novel was by 225lily and that the title was Baby Billionaire. I wonder if that could be avoided by raising “A novel by” a little farther away from the title and also making that and 225lily a little smaller? I really love the title font by the way!

I love the graphic. Knowing that she’s smiling without seeing much of her face is really cute!

Here’s mine:



i really like the title font and its picture but it would be hard to read the words below the title, but other than that:ok_hand:t4:

here’s mine:



Late reply, but thanks :smiley:


6/10. I don’t like how ‘a true story’ is diagonal.


Points for having a simple cover that gives that interstellar romantic feel, I love the colors and the image you chose for the background.
Where I see an opportunity for improvement is in two areas:

  1. the font is not super easy to read. I think it says “astrum lumen” but it took me a moment to read it, and I’m still not 100%.
  2. The rest of the text (author name, YA novel, etc.) is so tiny that, considering most of these books show up on mobile, will be impossible to read.



super pretty and I love love love the colours and images, gives me such a warm christmasy romance feel. However, the blending around the boy’s neck looks odd, the girl blends in nicely making him stand out even more, I would suggest adding a few more of those sparkle/preset circle things and perhaps a filter over the whole thing to make it look more unified.


I love this cover! It’s so pretty and dream-like. I’m not certain though if the title is that readable when it is smaller, but you’ll probably find out soon enough when you post it. 9/10


I love the color scheme with the title and her sweater/ hat. It’s simple and clean. Plus I love yellow!

The photo is adorable - I just want to be this girl’s friend!

I doubt a reader will be able to see the graphic credit because even with the book at this size, it’s so small and the letters are so wide and a light color - but you may not mind about that part :slight_smile:

The only part that I’m a little unsure of is the box. With her in front if it, it feels like she’s not really in the scene at the beach. But I get that if you put her behind it, you’d have a black line across her sweater. Not sure that I would mind that though. Either way, it’s a minor detail.

Great cover!

I’m posting a second time because I’ve done a new cover and want to get some feedback. (You can see my older cover above if you want to compare!) Thanks!



4/10, the font is unprofessional and the quality of the main photo is too low for an image that size, it should be as clear as the smaller one’s of the boys, however the colour scheme is pretty, I like the pink as contrast to the black and white


9/10, this cover is so cute and the pastel colors fit it so well. Two things are that I feel like the title is too small and the top half of the picture feels empty, so you could either move the title up more or make the font bigger.


8/10. The cover’s quite nice and simple and the font goes quite well.



9/10 Your cover feels simple. I love the font of the title. And the image of the happy couple has me wondering how 2 happy people in a relationship could be ignorant.

(This story won’t be on Wattpad for a couple months, but I’d love an honest opinion on the cover.)


Wow! Love this! Very cool.


It’s very original, the color scheme works well together (:



I like it in theory, but if I were scrolling through a list of teen fics, this would likely disappear into the masses for me rather than stand out. It isn’t a bad cover, but there isn’t enough to pull me either.