8/10. i love the way you added part of the title ‘in’ the coffee cup. it’s a very charming cover, and i’d most likely pick it up and flip through it if i saw it in a library!! the only (very nitpicky) area of opportunity i see is the fact that there are four different font types on the whole cover, and the only way they tie together is how the title sandwiches itself where the fonts match. i recommend only using three fonts so your cover will look more polished.



It’s nice and I like the way it’s purple\lavender and so is the pen name. It’s cute but personally it wouldn’t make me want to read the book. The subtitle doesn’t tie into anything on this cover and just is confusing. So for me personally I’m going to give it, 6/10. Sorry :winterstars:

Chasing Her




8/10. I really like it. I think you could do without the picture up top.


7/10. It’s a nice cover and all but I think the font doesn’t blend it well and the spacing is a bit off.

Here’s mine for an upcoming book



6/10. the font combination just doesn’t work for me. i suggest making your title name larger than the author name, just so it makes it very clear which block is the title. the background picture seems too low-quality for the text, making the text seem slightly out of place.



I weirdly like this cover. A lot. The typography works. The picture works. The mood is cohesive. Nicely done. 10/10





Hmm…7/10. It has a unsettling feel to it that works if the story is so. It’s definitely the colors though, that title.


8/10 the name of the book definitely matches the feel of the cover



7/10. It’s quite simple, though the title needs to be closer. Plus the “By” is way too far away from the author name.




The cover looks like if you just took a picture and slapped some words on it, although the font you used could work. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I don’t like author names that are just usernames, but to each their own.



6/10. I like the cover, but the font colour of the title and author name is blending a tad too much into the background and not standing out enough.



6/10 I really like the picture, but the fonts don’t really match that vibe. “Blindspot” is really playful and childish, which isn’t what you wanted to portray with the cover, I guess. It’s also not that cohesive yet, playing with colours in the font and transparancy could help!





8/10 - love the picture!! but the text is a little off-centre ahahaha



I like the design! I do think that the text could be more centered in those boxes and that the boxes could be a little bigger (though that last one is just preference) 8/10



7/10. Nice and simple cover, although the font of the bottom kind of throws me off. Other than that, good job.


8/10! I like the cover image chosen and the text against the background, the only thing I took points down for was that maybe making your author name a little smaller so it doesn’t take away and re-adjusting the the title so it is more cohesive!


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