10/10, I really like the simplicity of this cover and how cute it looks. I can see this cover on a published book.

@EyesOfTruth You have to rate the one above yours, but I’ll say that I prefer the first cover over the rest. It seems more professional, but I think the author name should be centered.


Sorry I forgot to rate
9/10. I like the cover very much and would definitely read something with this cover


oh my god… i just realised that…


For me, the resolution of it is a bit bad. It doesn’t look like a HD background photo you know? Wattpad usually lowers the quality of the image. I like the font but I feel like your name shouldn’t be in the middle. It’s just a lot of information. The title in the middle looks good so put your author name in the bottom or in the top of the cover. 7/10



9/10 I really love it! The colors are beautiful and it is super simple and draws in the eye immediatley. The only thing is there is something about the font of the title that I just don’t LOVE. I like it, but I feel like it could be different.



I really like this. It’s a little quirky and unexpected. I don’t really have any idea what the book is about because the title doesn’t give much away and neither does the picture. But… it’s interesting. So I would probably click on the description just because I liked the cover.

What I’m not crazy about is the spacing of the font at the bottom. The words seem too close together. Also, what is the purple starburst all about? If it’s part of the original image, that’s fine. But if you added it, I’m not sure that it makes sense.

But overall, I really do like it!



I give it a 7.5/10. It’s really simple but I feel like if it was in color it would make me want to read it more. The title makes me want to read it but not the cover.







Simple cover for my eyes.


5/10 your font doesn’t convey your plot at all and all together gives more of a Christmas vibe than a vampiric one, the contrast of quality between the background and the writing is quite jarring too


Just wanted to say I love this. Who did your cover??


I really love it but I feel like the title should be bigger. 9/10



10/10 !!




My Messed Up Romeo by undefined


Seems like I’m rating all your stuff hahaha but I’ll stick with the 7/10 I’m not sure I understand the font change for the word romeo and it’s coming out a little hazy


@AlexaMcGinnis 9/10, I like the colors and how the tones are similar, and how real the person looks on it.



Sorry. I forgot to post my cover photo, I think u were supposed to respond to me. My bad


Cool, I responded to yours.


You’re a doll