The pic looks blurry to me and the title font is a bit simple in my opinion. I would also try not to use the fading effect on the title so it’s easier to read.
The picture is fine, if only you could find it with a little bit of quality, it would look better.


If this is Teen Fic, great cover. I’m a fan of stark backgrounds and minimalist text, and you do the most important thing: Give context for your story. 9/10.



Thank you! It is a Teen Fiction story :blush:


I give yours 8/10. It would intrigue me enough to pick it up and read the cover notes if I spotted it in a book store. I would give it a 9/10 but I feel it’s perhaps a little too mysterious. If I were in a hurry I would probably skip over this for a cover that was a bit more revealing.

Here’s my effort for NaNoWriMo 18. Fingers crossed I’ll get the first chapter up this weekend.


thank you so much! I make my own covers, I’ll be opening a cover shop soon if you’re interested


Feel free to tag me when you open up :slightly_smiling_face:


9/10 Love this! A really nicely made cover! My one complaint is the text on the very top. It looks a little out of place, it’s hard to read in some areas, and it doesn’t feel like it’s really needed in my opinion. Other than that, it’s a well done cover. Love it :slight_smile:



7/10 I like the cover but feel like some thing is missing, Maybe a different tone of blue. The ripped effect is also not blended well with the picture.



I like it! It’s clean and piques my interest; I just want to know who the guy is and what about him is a beautiful disaster. I did find it a bit too simple so maybe include a tag line?

Twenty to Nevada


@Sarcasmforsure Hey, how do you put a cover up in here? I like to know, thanks.


I used this link : < img src=“insert picture here” width=/ >


@Sarcasmforsure It doesn’t show


It was posting as a link so I had to space the arrows. When posting make sure there’s no space between the subject and arrow. What I also did was save my photo into my SD card and upload the photo


7/10 Points for composition and giving that road trip at night feel. Where you may want to improve is in the font for “Twenty” and “want company.” It is difficult to read even on this enlarged view of the cover, so I can imagine it can be even more difficult to make out on mobile view.


8/10. A little cliched but it also makes the story look like a ton of fun. I actually want to read based on the cover.


6/10 It’s clean. I’m not wildly fond of the font, or the title, but I like your text placement and the simplicity.



7/10. The background is a little too simple for me, but it’s a good cover.


7/10 I really like the color scheme, tone and vibe of this cover. The only remark I have, and is one I found I have voiced quite often on this platform, is the size of the font. On a mobile device it can be difficult to read everything written in that small font around the title. If you don’t want it noticeable, then no need to have it on the cover. But if you do, I’d encourage you to make it bigger and bolder.



10/10 :smile: Your cover looks really wonderful and thought provoking without overpowering the people on the cover.