In full-on honesty, I’m not a fan of that cover. First off, the color scheme is kinda funky. It’s like those Instagram filters that do way too much, but then there are those spots of light sort of. Then it’s those lenses thing. It’s kinda too much. And I think there are better photos of that guy that you could have used. Well, this is only my opinion, I hope you’re not offended ^^. 4/10

Teen For Hire



7/10. Only because I’m not too fond of putting people on covers, IMO. The design and details are pretty good though.

The Good, The Bad, and The Witchy
(Book 1 in the Big Apple Coven series) (New Adult, ChickLit, Young Adult)



9/10. Looks almost like something you’d find in a bookstore! I love the font and the way it works in general.


I like it. It looks clean, well-thought, and with a nice content distribution. Personally, I feel like there’s something missing. Perhaps a short tag line, or maybe brighter colours. It’s simple and elegant, and I appreciate it, but I just believe like it needs a little something to make it stand out. 8.5/10


Looks really nice and clear, I love how the text is big and easy to read! Looks really professional. 9.5/10

Just one thing, the people looks a bit too stretched upwards? Not sure if it’s just the dimensions of the image C:



It’s definitely a realistic photograph and a romantic embrace in the center.


I’d rate it a 8/10. Honestly, to me I probably wouldn’t be intrigued enough to read it, the words seem kind of blocky for the flowery and flowy picture. I like the matching colors though.



8/10, I love that it’s mysterious and simple. It doesn’t go overboard but still packs a punch. :slight_smile:



9/10 I think it’s very simple and pretty, although the quote at the top is a bit long and confusing. I’d consider trying to condense it a bit and shorten the sentence, but otherwise it’s a very beautiful cover.



I love this! It gives off a serious yet unique vibe. I especially like that its drawn. One thing is though (I don’t know whether you originally wanted it like that or Wattpad uploaded it badly) I would clear the quality, it looks grainy. It would sooo much better if the quality of the drawing was cleared up.


This is so beautiful. Even though I don’t have to rate this, I feel like the person who did didn’t give it the right rate (no shade to them!) Your cover is most definitely a 9.5


10/10. I’m legit gonna go and red this book. That’s how interesting your cover looks. I




I like it! It looks like a classic. The only reason it’s not a 10/10 is because I personally don’t like the blurriness at the bottom.

this beautiful cover(at least i think it is) was made by aneonsky :slight_smile:


Hi I’m new to the wattpad community, and a writer just this month. This is my cover art for my new story called LEGEND OF D.A.R.K.E.S.S.Shawn%20Mendes%20Cover%20story-wattpad


I find it sweet, however the arrow is a little distracting and the color isn’t bad, but perhaps the arrow should be smaller. The swirl above the authors name is a tad crooked and I think it should be smaller. Also the typography used on the author’s name should probably be with less design, perhaps helvetica for the name would be best. I say this as constructive criticism, I studied Fashion Design, but I have a minor in Graphics design. I’d give it a 8/10 because its cute and harmonious either way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:


7.5/10! A very balanced cover. The component of the cover is really well done. You did well with your theme (darkness.) I think that the font is slightly hard to read considering that everything is already monochrome (I think it could be done so it looks more stand out). The man also looks really scary. I know you are trying to make the effect of a blurry face ish that’s like flowing off (I don’t know how to explain it lol), but maybe you should have made the eyes a little more less bulging.
I love it though :heart:

Here’s my story’s temporary cover:




7/10. The picture looks rather nice, but the hearts overwhelm the picture and that makes it look sort of comedic. The font of the title is nice, but I feel that it’s too small and it makes the cover looks rather spacious. Also, it’ll be nice if the font of the author’s name can be in different fonts (simple like Lato, Avenir etc) ^^ Sorry if I sound mean here :sweat_smile:



Thank you. I appreciate your honesty