What do you think of this?


I think its so much better, you did a great job with the swirl above your name. The name is better as well now that its more firm. The arrow has a better size and it looks more balanced. Its easier on the eyes. You did a great job! I’d give it a 9.7/10 because nobody is perfect not even my cover art is perfect. :wink:


Gives an indication of a classic tragic love story. 8.5/10 Maybe work on the darkenss, else it’s decent enough to hook in a lot readers


I’m not sure if your book cover has been rated or not so I’ll do it!

FONT - 9.5. The font is amazing and the style matches perfectly not only for the mood of the cover but also because the book seems to be a diverse story and the font helps bring that out. I think what will bring this to a 10.0 would just be to dim the color of the font a little to give it an eerie look. OR maybe give the fonts a small inner shadow (a small but slightly noticeable one).

BASE PICURE - 10.0. The picture of the woman is amazing because without even reading the blurb or the first chapter, I can tell that this will include some romance (at least I can tell) by the way she mysteriously looks out like that. The weapon that she is holding seems to add the adventure genre in.

EFFECTS - 9.5. The blue and red effects ties some fantasy in to the story. It helps that the blue brings the glass portion of the title in and it looks great.

OVERALL - 9.6.


9/10. Umm… I don’t think anyone rated your cover yet, so I’ll do it! Okay, first off I love your cover! It’s really simple yet intriguing to the eye without anything overwhelming. Second, the book title is also amazing! Although I believe the author name is a bit too close to the book title. You could try putting it on the top or bottom of your cover though? However, the title and fonts are great, so kudos on your book cover!


I really the colour and vintage feel of it. I’m not a big fan of the font, but I do like the way it is set up on the white border of the picture. i think the placement of the wording is well done too! 8/10



Thanks for the rating! I really appreciate it!


10/10 the colors are beautiful and love the font. Very clean and fresh.


Thank you, however the book isn’t a tragic love story. I’m not that good of an author, lol. The book does have a dark theme but it gets relatively happier and brighter as the chapters progress


Okay. Great


I made this cover art for my entry to the PlanetorPlastic National Geographic Writing Contest, in order to help spread awareness. Let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:


6/10, the cover itself is pretty but the text ruins it, maybe centralise your name and have it all in caps, personally I would play around with the letter spacing as well to have it all in line.


9/10 I really like your cover. :smile::+1: And because I like it so much, I’m going to nitpick a little because it’s the only thing I think could be improved.
To me, the cover would seem more “symmetric” if you created the same white border on the other side of her head.


I’m aware that the effect was created by shifting the image to the right, but you can consider it.



9/10 Amazing cover! I love how the words are kind of transparent so it doesn’t completely crop out the background. Although I do suggest maybe making the bottom information bigger or even less words. Especially because covers are usually so small that some may not be able to see those words. But overall I absolutely love it!


8/10, The font for the bad seems a little childish and the font could look better if it was more central, but that’s just me being incredibly picky- all in all a good cover


I like your cover a lot actually, I would think too many typographies can create an unbalanced image. But, in this case it works quite nicely. I especially like the message on the top of the title, however I do think you can barely see the name of the author, it might because it has a white gradient and very low opacity. Plus its too small. Maybe increase the opacity a little bit more and increase the size of the font also of the author, just a little. All in all I give it a 8.8/10 execution. But, either way I like the cover a lot. Mine hmmm not so much lol

How about now I just changed quite literally the typography itself. Let me know what you think. Oh! I also improved the image itself since it looked quite pixelated and noisy. :blush:

and this is the old one, which do you think is best or better. Help point out all flaws please and thank you!


Oooo fancy 8.5/10 It’s really pretty but the middle feels a bit stuffy



9/10, I really like the picture, but for some reason the title looks like it has two fonts that are very similar. It just bugs me a little.



9/10 This is really nice but I feel like something’s missing


7/10: The picture is really nice and since the readers know how the character looks, it’ll definitely help with their visualization. The title is a bit thin so don’t think it’ll be easy to read on mobile. Also, the author name between the title is a bit distracting.