7/10 - really like the how the font colors match the background. Not a fan of the split faces though - especially since they are on different sight lines.



with the cover art you have it could be more effective to have the title capitalised, centralised and in line with itself, I personally would have a higher contrast between text and the background but that’s just me. I think having the text larger and on three separate lines would look more professional


This was the resized version I made for Waattpad
Originally it was like this
I actually put some real work on this cover, it might seem silly since it’s not even a totally original story, but I really like the works that my fic is based on, so I wanted to make something good and original for it


I am guessing from the picture it is some sort of sci-fi or paranormal book. I personally think that you not having contrast between the background and title kind of makes us focus on the picture instead of the title. Especially in resized version. Unless you are going for that I dont see anything else wrong with it.
And my other one


I have one question When you put the book cover on is the tiny blurb actually legible? I was just wondering…


5/10 - I think they are both too busy for my liking. The top one I don’t like the different coloured fonts and I think it would be hard to read when it’s smaller. And for the bottom one there’s so many colours and things going on that the title and author name get lost. Neither of them really give me a feel of the story.



Great! I specially loved the way the font color matches the illustration, I’m just not giving a 10/10 because I don’t understand why you didn’t used capitals at the beggining of the sentences and maybe you could have used another font? I dunno why, but this one reminded me of the nuttela logonutella-logo


hahahahahahha omg that’s so great! Honestly, even I don’t know why there’s no capitals myself, it’s just how the designer made it and I got used to it lmao now that you mention it, it does look like nutella


just about- I used it more to fill the space than anything else to be honest.


10/10 Who doesn’t love nutella ?!



6/10. There’s to many fonts. I’d recommend picking only one or two. For me, there’s a lot going on with this picture.



9/10 I really like this cover its quite light, It fits really well the title. I love the rainbow reflecting on the hand, its a beautiful touch. :purple_heart:

Here is my new Cover Art for my book LEGEND OF D.A.R.K.E.S.S.






9/10 Your cover feels appropriately dark as the story is about darkness. I also really like how strange the right eye is and the right of the title having red.



Thank you! :blush: As the story progresses it turns darker each time. Oh! The eye pfft! I really thought it would be a funny kind of weird touch lol to make it ominous. Glad it’s strange, which is the point and slightly amusing. The red, that was actually an oops, I started playing with the effects for the typography and felt that it looked really cool and a nice touch, plus a little bit of color. Thank you again for rating my book! :black_heart:


7/10 The title is very inriguing but I’m not a fan of the font or colors. I’m not sure it would catch my eye among a million other books.



8/10 - The title is cute and I like the colours you used. Your book cover gives off a ‘quirky’ feeling and I can honestly imagine this cover being in a real bookstore. I just feel like you’re missing something… Maybe because there’s a lot of white space?


I really like the concept idea and the colours really stand out but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the cover in relation to the title. There just seems to be a slight disconnect. I do like how full the cover feels, it feels very complete. As much as I like the cover I wish that his eye was a little more striking like the colours on the other half of his face.