question can I share more than one cover story I designed? Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:


7/10. The text needs to be bigger. I like the picture though.


I like yours a lot! I’d give it an 8/10. There might be a better font, and I don’t love the little grey block at the bottom but other than that its really clean and sharp and it already gives me an idea of what your story might be about. It matches the title well :slight_smile:



7/10. I like the title and faded colours. It’s very peaceful. I also really like the fond you’ve used. It fits nicely with the cover.




The character looks otherworldly, hinting that he is extraordinary. Also he seems distressed which hints at conflict that has high stakes for the character. The Giant Eiffel tower in the background makes for an interesting contrast to the small person. On the other hand I don’t really see how it’s related to history since it’s still around today and is so important in French Culture. Sure it’s part of French History, but it also has a rich cultural presence today and we think of it more as what France is now than just what it used to be.



Ok well I will bluntly honest here, and I suggest you take it with a grain of salt. I give this cover a 2/10, why? Your cover although I get the point of it completely, blackout, this isn’t hard to understand what it’s about. I see you tried doing a cover with paint, but you didn’t execute it properly. It’s messy, blotchy, quite frankly it’s pretty mediocre. If you want your readers to be drawn towards your book, the cover needs more precision, something that shows an emotion of any kind. Also this typography you used doesn’t look well placed at all, the color doesn’t help either, the smily face is a little too distracting. Is it a comedy, a horror, romantic story I don’t understand. All I know is that it takes place during a blackout period and perhaps their is romance involved. I suggest using a photograph and editing it, and if you don’t know which typography to use, Times New Roman or Helvetica is your friend and don’t use green unless you add some effect to it and it goes along with the art in the cover itself. I suggest you get rid of the white blotches around it, because I have no idea what they are, wether it’s eyes, ghosts or just misplaced messes of color that make no sense. I’m sorry to crucify you this way and as I said before take it with a grain…scratch that, a bottle of salt. Ok, I won’t say more since I think I’ve said enough. However, I will say this, I’m willing to design you a cover art for your book happily, so you can deliver your message properly. I do my own cover arts, like many others. I only wish to help and not offend. Have a good night to you! :slight_smile::black_heart:

Cover Art for my second entry to #planetorplastic NatIonal Geographic’s Writing Contest.



I don’t get why there are quotes. Also the font is a bit much. The subtitle is off and choppy too. You have a comma after life but not after loss, which is needed. Hope and Despair should be in its line. Then you have rinse and repeat which doesn’t tie in with it.

This is for my upcoming book.



Hi thank you for your critique, and I didn’t put a comma after loss because it’s the loss of life itself. It’s not just loss in general, it’s a specific loss. Also the apostrophes in the title, is because the person is talking to the reader and saying something. I will be sure to review my cover’s subtitle also. Thank you for hinting that, I was worried it did look choppy. Have a great night! :blush:


I love it! Its so pretty and the colors are all just meant to be! I love how the name is “A picture worth a thousand words” and how its written in the frame of a polaroid photo :star_struck:
It seems like a bittersweet read, which I would love to try out! I only have one thing to complain about: Its a beautiful cover, but it doesnt quite stand out(?) I dont know whats wrong myself, but I just feel something is missing. Sorry for being such an unhelpful brat :sweat_smile:
Youre probably wondering what is wrong with me and all, but nevertheless I, personally, would absolutely love to try your book. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Heres my cover!!

I hope the person who is after me likes it!:blush:


8/10. Really nice and love the font.

I swear we have some brutally honest cover critiquers here in the thread. But anyway, here’s mine:


Thanks a lot :bluehearts:


I thought you rated it but I realized it was a compliment, which I don’t mind at all. You’re welcome :smiley:


lol :laughing:



Right back at ya! Funny thing is I made MANY different covers for the book, but then I was like “Lemme use this one!” And it works perfectly.


8.5/10 I like your cover it’s simple and enchanting. I think the only thing that comes off is the space separation and the type of typography used for the author’s name. I suggest changing the typography and make it a little big and less space among each letter, not too much, so it doesn’t look scrunched off. I love picture, the title when I read it doesn’t relate much with who the man is. But, the message is somewhat delivered gracefully in a way. It’s a little refreshing :slight_smile: :black_heart:


Ok so this is the new version I just designed again, for the same second entry to the National Geographic’s PlanetorPlastic Writing Contest.


I still liked it when it had the commas, even though I know that it’s grammatically incorrect. But, if you’ve read the story you would know why it has commas, anyway here is the new one yay!


I’ve seen this cover before when it had the quotation marks and the title was still in something lighter. I think the change to do it without quotation marks is a good thing, but the colour you’ve chosen now makes the title blend in with the picture instead of letting it stand out. But you did manage to distribute the words (so title, subtitle and author) well over the cover. I’m just not sure if the subtitle is that easy to read when it’s WattPad size, so in conclusion, I’d give it a 7/10. It’s a nice picutre, good fonts, but readability could be improved.



Thank you for letting me know, I’ll be sure to fix all the parts that need fixing. I was unsure wether the color was ok, since as you said it blends in with the background, plus the subtitles are so tiny, you probably can’t see them in wattpad when looking for the book. :black_heart::shushing_face::blush:


I really like your cover art, the message is delivered and spot on. I think the part of women is covering a little too much the word redefining. However, I love the illustration you created it’s beautiful and I especially love the style. Very chic! Everything else seems cool to me. I give you 9/10! :kissing::black_heart:


Ok so I redid it again, I even replaced my old cover in my works section, just to glimpse how it looks when it’s smaller in wattpad, and I have to say not bad. It’s legible even when it’ small, but you all be the judge! Crucify me please! :laughing:


I like the picture and the way that is a little blurry, but the words feel out of place (the subtitle, at least). Maybe with a different font or coloring, they would fit the picture better. 7/10