Thank you for your input, I too think it’s too much and needs to be fixed ugh… I’ll keep trying to get it right. I like your cover too by the way, I give it a 7/10 all the typography are too big, and café for example is too big and stiff and off. The author’s name is blurry, needs to be more firm, I think you made it too transparent, maybe add a small shadow to let it be legible. I don’t mind it being in a corner, I kind of like it there. The photo is slightly noisy, pixelated, maybe smooth it out a bit and reduce the noise.

Which cover do you think is best for my first entry to National Geographic’s Writing Contest Planet or Plastic? Let me know what you all think. :blush::black_heart::shushing_face:


I really like the one on the left. It’s a lot more simple, the words are a lot easier to read than on the other one. Also, I like that the person is the central idea on the cover compared to the right one.


I actually really like your cover! I wish the Background picture had better quality but besides that I really enoy the simplicity of your title with the font you chose, I probably would prefer it to be a teensy bit bolder but thats just my personal opinion. Well done!!

My cover:


I don’t really like it, personal opinion. It doesn’t look professional and the title is a bit small. The background cover is good but leaves no space for the title. 6/10



10/10 clean, easy to read, pretty font, cute photo, no complaints!!


Thanks so much!


I like your cover, but I find the typography huge and overwhelming and a little illegible. I can’t tell what it says easily. I suggest making it smaller, or not that big. Overall it’s pretty. I give you 8/10
I made this cover for a contest for the writer @KaedeT


overall it’s a great cover- however, I feel as if both images should be the same colour or have a unifying filter, one is significantly darker than the other and the front image doesn’t really pop


the photo won’t show fully for some reason, please expand for full image



I like the top half, but I’m not sure about the bottom. It is different, creative, so props for that! It’s a cover I would stop to have a second look at :smiley:



Overall I think it’s a nice, clean cover. Especially if you enjoy simplicity. However, I’m not sure It would really capture my attention if I was just scrolling through stories. 7/10

My cover: (The title is in danish and translates to “See Me”)









Ok this is my opinion or constructive criticism and I hope it makes sense to you ok. I think your text is too small, you should make it bigger, also I think you have way too many different kinds of fonts; a novel is too small and it looks awkwardly placed there, I suggest placing that above the message you left about the author, which I find sweet. I don’t know if it’s that important but both the color of the author’s name and title should be a different color. I believe the title of the book should stand out more. The photograph is cool except you should reduce noise and cover size should be 512x800 for wattpad covers incase you didn’t know ok. I like your cover overall and you just need to tweak it a bit and it’ll be very good and breathtaking. 7/10 from me ok I hope I didn’t sound like awful to you, I mean well ok.


Cover Art for my book LEGEND OF D.A.R.K.E.S.S hit me with your best shot!




hi heads up! Before anything you have to rate my cover then post your cover. XD no biggie just hit me with your best shot! also thanks for liking my post! hugs


Stunning image. the title however should be a bit brighter and perhaps even larger. I like the chrome look but it tends to get lost in the darkness of the background. Brightening it up would help. the photo is really nice. Its soulful and moody and draws you in. you might possibly add a soft focus to the neck and shoulders of the model this will prevent the photo from competing with the title and draw your eye towards the face. Over all though…stunning.


Thank you XD but you still haven’t rated with a number lol oh well thank you anyway hugs