Thank you for your input, I too think it’s too much and needs to be fixed ugh… I’ll keep trying to get it right. I like your cover too by the way, I give it a 7/10 all the typography are too big, and café for example is too big and stiff and off. The author’s name is blurry, needs to be more firm, I think you made it too transparent, maybe add a small shadow to let it be legible. I don’t mind it being in a corner, I kind of like it there. The photo is slightly noisy, pixelated, maybe smooth it out a bit and reduce the noise.

Which cover do you think is best for my first entry to National Geographic’s Writing Contest Planet or Plastic? Let me know what you all think. :blush::black_heart::shushing_face:


I really like the one on the left. It’s a lot more simple, the words are a lot easier to read than on the other one. Also, I like that the person is the central idea on the cover compared to the right one.