My apologies, Im new to this site and I’m not sure about all the details. But on a 1 to 10 scale, definitely a 9


lol XD it’s cool no worries, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Welcome also to the community! Thank you for the rating yay! hugs :black_heart::sparkles::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also placed you book in my reading list.


Awesome thank you! wow! I shall return the same kindness you have shown me. :blush: :black_heart::sparkles::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


OOPS my replies are going in the wrong place…sorry. I’ll get the hang of this in a bit.









8/10. Could work on the font to make ot more scarier


10/10 I really like this cover, the text is bold and pops well from the artwork. The artwork is of a really high quality and also conveys the sort of story I am about to read nicely. Great work.



7/10 The cover is great. No flaws really, but doesn’t really pull the reader in. So, maybe, you must think of a more creative cover, which makes the reader curious


8/10, the artwork is powerful. I think the font could be bolder without competing with the graphic element. But overall quite nice and professional.


7/10 really nice imagery. I like the spinner in the sky. My only complaint is the font. It dosent work with the style and composition of the image. the art is loose and raw, a dystopian city. but the font is clean and flat. Try playing with different font types. there are tons of free fonts online.



7/10, I feel as if the title is too far shifted to the right, in my opinion it would look better if there was equal space on either side, perhaps the font itself would look better in white too.


9/10. Love the ways that the font and steamy picture go well together.


6/10 Some of your letters are cropped out. The font also makes the title a little hard to read, but I do like your title. Your picture is also pretty cool. I love the radiance on the girl.



I will rate your cover 7/10. The cover is simple and refreshing. However, I can’t quite relate how the picture of the girl relates to the title.



9/10. I love fantasy and this looks like a fantasy story. I’m not sure what the title means but it makes me want to find out. The colors match well together and overall very interesting.



Thanks for rating the cover! The title AMSER means time.


7/10 I really like the simplicity of it but an eye grabbing picture would be cool too!