9/10 I really really like it! The Picture conveys a strong vibe or mood and the title and its placement are really attention grabbing in addition to the color and composition of the whole cover! Good Job :smiley:

heres mine:


I really like the cover and it’s quite unique! 8/10






8/10 Perhaps slightly generic and the wording is a little lost (ha pun) in the picture. Maybe bold the words? Overall though, I like the star-like quality of the lights and sparkler. :blush:



6.5/10 I love the colors. The font is hard to read and the cover isn’t eye grabbing.



6/10. I think the text should be one color, and the two fonts don’t compliment each other that well.


7/10 Good quality picture and beautiful complimenting fonts. I don’t think it’s really eye catching though and it doesn’t really look like a teenfic cover.



6/10 I like the actual photo, it fits with the title. But I feel like the font colour doesn’t really go well with the cover and the fact they’re two completely different colours.


7/10. I love the border around it, but the font in the middle doesn’t compliment the other font very well.


9.5/10 I really love this cover. It’s simple but has a very clear tone with the title and the image. My only issue is that the author’s name is different font from the title which distracts me. But otherwise great job.

I’ve posted this before but changed it and wanted to see if it’s improved.



9/10, I really like this cover more than the other and I love the focus on her lipstick. The only thing that bothers me is the placement of the author’s name, because it’s very off-to-the-side and I cold never notice it.



9/10. This is a beautiful cover with a strong exhilarating presence. The only reason I didn’t give it 10 is because ‘Runaways’ is typically all one word, though I understand it might look more pleasing on two lines. I like how it’s fairly easy to understand the nature and vague idea of the story through the cover - is it also right to assume only one of the orphans narrates it or not? (since there’s only one person on the cover) overall, I really like it and will be checking out your story :slight_smile:




7/10, I like the 90’s style but the typography is not that 90’s, I’d rather chose image image
or image



Thank you. I’m not sure about the point of views, but I’m leaning towards third person for this story.


4/10. it’s a bit too simple for my taste.


9/10, love it.

I love how you can’t see her legs so it looks like she’s floating, I adore how the author name and stuff at the bottom blends so well into the background, I love the title text and it all just looks so professional and sleek.

Only thing I could say is - do you think there would be a way to make her face like … less noticeable? Like cross out her eyes or something? Only reason I say that is that it’s sometimes distracting for me when I can recognize an actor on a book cover, and I pretty quickly recognized that as Sophie Turner. So maybe if her face was like blurred a little more or something it’d be less recognizable.

Anyway, other than that I love it, it looks gorgeous and like an actual book cover you could pick up in Barnes and Noble. IGN 9/10.

Anyway, here is mine:



9/10! I really like how the cartoon-ish vibe and details match the fonts on your cover. I also like how it’s not too busy. You kept the colors in the same scheme and it’s not overwhelming. I’d more than likely open it up to read the description!