I like this! The font looks professionally done, the only thing i’d say could be better would be working to make the character look a little more natural against the backdrop. Either that, or add a border around her so it doesn’t try to give the illusion that she’s trying to blend in. It looks intriguing!

Here’s mine:


please where do you find and what do you type to get this type of images ?


hi! I saw your cover got skipped so I thought I’d review it lol. I’d give it an 8/10, because it’s really soft and beautiful, and reflects the tone of the title. Personally, I feel the font used for ‘attachment’ is sometimes overused but it works well against the other font. The simplicity is really enticing and it’s a good quality. I’d suggest maybe bringing the author’s name down a little because it seems slightly hidden at the top. Overall I really like it! Will check out your story


Thanks for the feedback. As I was making it, I actually had the same thought about the last word. Have a great day!


8/10 really like it.



7/10. The picture is nice, but the author’s name might look better centered.


8/10 i really like how simple and clear it is! also how the title and cover link well together x


i like it. It’s clever but if it’s going to be a urban fantasy story maybe it should be a bit darker? Either way, I like it’s simple picture and font. 8/10



8/10 I like your title and how it overlaps the symbol. Although I feel that cover may be a little confusing. Is this story about gaming or does it have something to do with dating and such? I suppose that can intrigue the reader as I was a little curious.



The contrast of your title against the background is nice. The picture and title are intriguing which grabs attention. However, it might be bad for some people because I couldn’t really tell what the story is about.



Color contrast is good. Personally, I feel like it’s almost too good that it blends in too well, particularly at the top. It’s neat though and has potential to be even better (: 7 /10


your cover is super aesthetic and i really love the contrasting dark and warm tones! it’s just a minor suggestion but perhaps using a different (but not radically different??) font for the title or the quote would make the book more appealing. 9/10!


The colors and different textures are awesome. 10/10. The white behind the woman reminds me of a the stroke of a paint brush. The gray part on the bottom reminds of a valuable piece of granite. I love the picture of the woman and how her hair is a seem less blend into the circle. Extremely accomplished.



I’d give this 5/10. I don’t get the link between the cover and the title. I mean, if I saw just the picture (without the title), I’d say that that the story was a post-apoplectic paranormal/zombie kinda one, perhaps with a mix of romance. But then, the word “tomboy” added to it makes it really perplexing. I’m sorry if I sounded harsh, because I don’t mean to. Now, changing the cover is up to you, because you know your story the best. :slight_smile:

My story cover:


6/10, the outlines are too harsh, the black should be lightened to match the tones of the background and the white should go completely, it makes it look unprofessional in my opinion.