Thanks for your opinion.


10/10 omg i’m in love with this cover!! it fits with the title, it all blends well with each other and its interesting to look at x


I like it, but something seems to be missing for me. Maybe it’s the font or the spacing. I’m not a big fan of the color of the back ground. I suggest maybe some extra small graphics to fill up the negative space and that should improve the look a lot. Oh, and play on the monsters bit.




I think its kinda of redundant? The image is mirror and the title has a mirror too. So, you know its like weird. And the spacing of book 2 was like widen just to not cover the picture in it (i think). In titles just give some mysterious or catchy. That’s all.


I love your cover! Color and theme is great! 9/10 just because I don’t see an author’s name


10/10 Love it! Don’t change anything.


10/10 Love it! It’s simple and creative. I also love the font in the center. It breaks up the ridged nature of the piece and makes it more playful.


6/10 I’m conflicted. First the color is off. I see cold and think of blues and not reds. I do like the simplicity but I also have seen that background picture multiple times on here. In fact one book on my reading list has that exact picture. The font could also be in a suspended animation to what it is about. such as lifting itself from the cold. It’s always good to have a cover focus on the theme of both title and book.



9/10 I love the font, but I feel there should be clarity on the flower. To make it pop out some more. However, still a great cover.



6/10 I like what you’re trying to convey but I’m not sure if the two photos work well together. I like the lighter picture on the left but I feel the one on the right is too dark which also makes the words more difficult to read. I think you could probably use a slightly better font too so your title stands out even more.


9.9/10! it’s so so cute go my gosh I love it, my only gripe would be the sizing? my personal opinion would be that the heart and title text are a little too big.

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ooooh i love that so much. the only thing that might put it off (it’s not even your fault), is that when you set it as a cover, the faded version of lovely might not show up, so i suggest you make it a little more visible?





The cover appears to be too saturated for someone who is reading this on screen. If the cover is toned down of the purple, it would be better for the eyes.

I am not sure what this book is about at first glance and I can’t make good predictions what this is about. The subtitle doesn’t say much either. The message isn’t too clear. The purple does say a bit of what I assume is going to be the setting, but storywise, not so much.

The size of the font could be minimized too so it’s easier to read.

Side note: Those red patterns are actually the main protagonist’s clothing pattern.


it’s certainly pretty, the colour scheme is nice! but it isn’t that eye-catching, there isn’t really anything that would prompt me to read the book - 7/10

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Your cover is pretty, I think the title isn’t clear enough and it’s way too small, I get lost from it and the only focus I have is the woman. It should be more balanced, and legible. The same thing would be applied the your username, it’s too opaque, I suggest at least adding drop shadow and making it less opaque. I see the image is also slightly noisy, so another suggestion would be to reduce noise. Also her left shoulder side looks like you cut a chunk out, looks kind of weird, I suggest you fix that detail and add a little bit of blur and smudge, with reduced strength and low opacity so it blurs and smudges well. Is it me or I see a weird shadow hand to the top left? It also looks wrongly placed, and why do you have two different fonts and one is over the other. I suggest one title not both, and make it bigger and less opaque like I explained before. I hope this critique will help you in any way, be it good or bad hopefully good. All in all it’s a good cover and idea, just needs some tweaking and your done. I give you 7/10


I designed this cover art for a friend, and I’d like to share it.


I see you put a lot of work in your cover! Though I think I should say this: there’s a type at the top, ‘covert’ should be ‘cover’, I believe. And I’m a little confused at what the genre should be; the font says fantasy, but the picture says historical fiction. But really, you made something I could never do, so I’d give it an 8/10!


lol XD I just noticed lol big mistake thank you for pointing it out lol I fixed it lol XD thank you again!


10/10, definitely! i’m not even trying to be nice, that cover is probably one of the best covers i’ve ever seen. the title fits the cover yet it doesn’t give TOO much information away, so it’s perfectly in the middle. phenomenal!!


8/10 I like this cover there is a lot going on though.