6/10 I don’t like the font choice in the title, I would put the author’s name somewhere else because it looks really bad there and maybe even choose a better picture, but that’s only my opinion.



Hello! I’m just a beginner and I really need a help please I want to have some feedbacks from you people :slight_smile:


It’s gonna be a funny story so please don’t take everything you read on the cover too serious :slight_smile:


10/10 it’s funny & cute! adorable!

I have made this as new my new book cover. What you think?
I am not sure why it’s not visible properly. you have to click on it to see it all


You chose the right picture for your book, but I think that you could do better with the words by e.g. making them less tilted to the side (it’s okay if they’re at an angle, but this is too much) and it would also be a little more classy if you chose a different color than red, like white. So overall I’d give it a 6/10, don’t know if I’d read the book



@originalverbivore oh… that was a bit rough i guess… :frowning:
I think you were very rude , and all your judgment is based on the writing not being straight enough. So Not only that your comment is rude but your comment is also very closed minded. If you consider this way, you could have been polite and not say anything. That would have been more nice of you.
Instead you just try to put me and my book down. As for you not reading my book, don’t worry, I don’t think it’s for you anyway.

If you are uncomfortable with the sexual content of my book and cover, i find it ironical that your book cover is as sexual as it can be. Congrats on my behalf, I think you really did a great job btw. Nice book cover, not so nice manners.


Wow, I loved this. Congrats :wink: 100/10 P.S: This cover is a bit common (face with the title on the cheek) but it’s still pretty.



Oooh I really love this cover! My only comment is that it was kind of hard to read the title. Either merging it together or using a more legible font would help. Otherwise, the mood, the simplicity, the vibe… perfect. 9/10


I just updated my cover for the Perfect Snow, check out the new one:


I like how you put it all together and how the title makes sense with what is presented in the cover! 10/10 <3


This is the original cover but after seeing the wonderful works of art here I decided that I needed to do better!


New cover!


Both covers definitely set a mood, but they are two different moods (one feels more positive than the other); 7/10



I like the picture, however the font is definitely way too small. I would make it larger and put it closer to the center. I would also choose a font that’s a bit less stylized, especially since it’s in all caps. 6/10


I like your cover. Its neat and messy at the same time so that contradicting effect really works! A bit over the top with red tho - it lacks colours. but i give it a 9/10

its nothing like these beautiful covers but i love it



Please rate mine :slight_smile:


This one too


6/10. I really like the picture, but I’m not a big fan of the fonts.


7/10, I like the picture, but I don’t like how everything is at the centre, including the pen. And you choose a font that matches the pen in your cover, which is nice. However, the font for your name is very awkward.


I love basically everything about this cover! The one thing is, I would put a light shadow on the white text, just because in some places the contrast isn’t high enough to be legible at a distance. 9/10


I GIVE IT 10/10