9/10, the only improvement I would suggest is having the dashed line a consistent distance from the model



I really like the upside down photo and how the sun looks. Very eye catching.



Thank you!!! Your cover is amazing btw!! I like the fact that the font matches the pen!! + for the alliteration!


thank you so much for the feedback <3


8/10, I really like the design/font used for the lamp and title. However, I think the authors name should just be incorporated on the same background, rather than changing to the grey bar to write on.



7/10 The colors are great and it does catch the eye but the authors name should be there. I feel like something is missing and I think that’s it.


4/10 The image is high quality and will probably appeal to people who like anime characters (I don’t, but I’ll try not to let it bias me xD) In terms of the cover as a whole, it looks like a pretty basic text slap, and the title font is very plain and doesn’t look good (though I like the Book 1 Volume 1 font, it’s clean). I also agree with @adrianathewriter that you need the author name on the front. So this would probably appeal more to people who like this style of cover, but just speaking from a design standpoint, it could some touch-ups.



8/10 i really like the font and the picture, they match very well. the only recommendation is that the last word in your title seems like it’s very cramped, so maybe adjust that a little?


So this is probably due to the word order, or maybe it’s just me, but at first sight I got really confused about what was actually the book title. At first glance I thought it was “he wasn’t a voice, she wasn’t an echo,” and I actually thought that was a pretty good title, albeit a tad long (what am I even saying, my title is long, too). It took me a few seconds to figure that “aerate” is the actual title (I’m thinking? I’m not 100% sure thought?), and that what I thought was the title at first is rather a subtitle of sorts. I just think it could lead to some confusion. Other than that, it’s a clean, aesthetic, and overall good cover. I just feel like it needs better text distribution, but that’s just me. 8/10


7/10 - personally i’m not a fan of the multiple colours in the title, and i think it could be blended into the background a bit more but i like the background image and the cover as a whole





9/10- I really love your cover. I completely see the art and photography. It is really captivating and think it is great. The only thing I would change is the big block with the title. I feel like it takes away from the cover. Otherwise it is awesome!



8/10! I love the cover, but the font and font colour don’t quite fit the image, maybe tone it down a bit?


9/10 love the colors and the visual but I just wonder how the dripping reflection relates to the title. I know it’s the sun, I’m just overthinking on the ‘kingdom’ factor I guess lol.




When Wattpad shows a book in someone’s smartphone feed, its cover is literally the size of a large postage stamp. So…

Points on for the high-contrast palate and simple iconic image, which should show well at a small size. Kinda reminds me of Twilight and its apple.

Points off for the small text because that’s illegible as a thumbnail. For the same reason, I wish the hand and rose were larger, even if you had to delete that top paragraph (tiny letters) to make room for it.




The image is blurry and the font isnt what i would expect on this type of book cover.

The font color needs to match the surroundings of the image, follow a color theme maybe.

Hide your cover made by someplace small and barley visible because it takes away from the cover.



Can you please rate my cover, so I at least get an idea.IMG-20190114-WA0028


@JessicaRufus1 I LOVE that cover! The vibes, the colours, the image… It all comes together perfectly. The only thing I could say is that I don’t see an author’s name… Don’t be shy, just put it on there! :wink: 9/10

@cherryloverpop18 Please rate the cover above you before posting.



ooh okay


I would rate it 6/10
due to the story being dark.