I would rate it 5/10

The colour of the writing style you used is quite off putting. I could barely read it. Maybe try a bolder simpler colour. Maybe white and red since it’s against a dark background.


will try that!


Now I updated the cover
rate might be 7/1020190122_231238_20190122232419659


6.5/10.I think the font can take up more space in the cover.Here’s mine::Crimson


poor image quality, it’s highly compressed

poor tagline placement, as it looks off-centered and is too low

still, consistent use of colour, some awareness of composition

rated 5/10


poor choice of font, doesn’t fit with the image behind it in either tone or theme, font size may be too small to read on wattpad

grunge filter applied as an overlay is low resolution and unnecessary

no author name on the cover

image itself is fine, title name choice compliments it but is hindered by font choice and the filter.

rated 6/10, some awareness of composition and thematics, easily improved


good choice of image, painting in pastel colours demonstrates a cold, yet soft tone

image choice is complimented by a good choice in fonts, properly coloured to compliment the image while still standing out, however text size may be too small to read on wattpad

strong awareness of composition throughout

rated 8/10


good choice of colour, demonstrates a consistent theme throughout, image quality is a little compressed, however

text is far too small to be legible on wattpad, as is the image crediting. no author name is given, either

rated 7/10, good awareness of composition and easily fixed


tagline font and quotation flourishes are poor in choice, quote is too long for a basic, centred-up-top composition

image quality is poor and very compressed, however is consistent in colour and would be idyllic in higher quality

title font works better, but again is hampered by centred composition, a missed opportunity to vary text layout

rated 4/10, some awareness of composition but limited by choice in text placement and image quality, can be improved relatively quickly


you’re using two types of fonts and the photo behind is kind of pixeled… overall 7 i’d say…
I think the sentence would be better if it said “They decided to be together but fate split them apart”

here’s mine


cover is far too small and compressed to be legible

choice of images, colours and composition, however, are great - the image quality is just too poor for me to see that properly

rated 6/10, strong awareness of colour and composition, but hampered by the fact the image is too damn small and compressed, would make an excellent film poster if it wasn’t


what size would you recommend? so that i may fix it


wattpad covers should be at a minimum resolution of 512x800. don’t just resize the image to that resolution, however, it will lose even more quality


noted, thanks, truly helpful


youre welcome


I have changed it.I hope it is better now.


Thank you for telling, I really appreciate it.


5/10 i like the photo and text colour scheme since it matches. however, the font itself and its positioning don’t really fit well with the actual cover. also the authors name seems to also be part of the title since its so close and the same font which could confuse some people. good luck x



raise the tagline up just a little more, maybe change the font to something more legible for its size (do the same for the author name for thematic consistency) and you’re golden, good improvement, 7/10