image is too small to be legible, very compressed and poor quality, a common mistake among cover artists i think

image itself contains a subject that does not match the lighting of the background, very obvious photoshop job, sticks out like a sore thumb. photography of subject is very, very saturated, too

choice of colour for the title is awful, and blends into the background despite having a backshadow, text itself is barely legible, including the graphic crediting up top

rated 6/10, strong awareness of composition, great choice in font but severely hampered by poor awareness of lighting and colour


Thanks a lot for the help!


It looks like you tried to merge her body to two different arms, and her legs look too small almost as if they also were cut out and pasted there. The girl’s image also has a different shade in comparison to the rest of the cover art, it feels off and looks very fuzzy. The title also looks a little crooked, The top is cutting off the bottom text. I give you 6/10 and now I noticed the watermark of the cover artist, it’s best to make that person’s name almost as visible as the authors.



rating: 4/10
the images of the people are blurry
the overall color scheme isnt matching to anything on the cover
the bevel on the words shouldnt be there
too many words on it
add a watermark like “graphic made by…”
dont use @'s on the cover, just add the persons name




your suppose to rate my cover then post yours…



When I first saw this, I was confused - I thought that the title of the story was “The The Paladins Incognito”. It makes me think of fantasy as soon as I saw it: swords, magic, evil, all of it.

Overall, your cover is unique and very imaginative, but I would do something about the title.

I hope this helps! Have a nice day :slight_smile:




despite the french, rate this from 1 to 10 please cover


That cover is AMAZING! The only thing I’d worry about if the title isnt too small, but you can be the judge of that yourself. And I’m missing an author’s name… But the art is beautiful!!


colour that text white, save the image as a png to avoid compression, and you’re good with that cover


Thank you sm!


7/10 - i love the font and simple design, but confused by the bar of grey all along the right side?


I’m so sorry. I didn’t know we have to go by order. I thought I just uploaded the cover and anyone could give feedback.


The cover is pretty cool although the white & is kinda faded and I didn’t notice it till much later. 7/10


smh nobody is following the rules to this topic


6/10. I love the font, but the author’s name could be placed in a more strategic place. Additionally, while the wolf in the background is nice, the image becomes a bit too blurry for my liking.

Here is my cover:





nobody judged my cover, they skipped over me.
your suppose to rate the cover above you and then post your image.
nobody is doing that.


I rated the cover above me and posted mine ;-; I can rate yours if you want but it’s unfair to blame everyone for someone else’s actions.