i have seen many people do it on here, so their are more than one person. But yes can you please rate mine so i can see what i can do better to improve it. Thank you.


Alrighty, overall I like the idea but honestly, everything is kind of faded. I feel like the girl and the house should stick out. The light contrasts with your title which has also been faded to its addition. I say, keep the girl fading into the house and the title as it is, except you should capitalize it, and take out the light. Try replacing it with perhaps a dark vignette around the sides but not too much! Just a little is good enough to grasp the concept. I don’t see you name anymore so you might want to add that but overall compared to most other covers i’ll give it a 6/10. It’s clean but doesn’t pop out to me.


thank you <3 ps. my name is on the bottom of it and its faded so its not distracting







im not sure what is happening in this cover
the font needs some kind of effect to it
I like the skull on it
the fog/mist dosen’t need to be on it because its barley visible (to me at least)
make sure everything matches (colorwise)


9/10 That one is really nice, I just think it would be a bit better if the title was brighter :blush:



8/10. I love it and I love the font, but maybe the size could be a bit bigger for the title? Im just thinking for when its a wattpad size on the app.



It was a screenshot actually … thanks anywayy!
7.5/10 for yours I think that the title is a little vague … What the book about ?


9/10 I really like how your cover picture is basically a picture of a rose in the black background. It fits the title well as I feel like a rose can be beauty in itself.



Am I right?


6.5/10 To me the cover looks pretty bland and it doesn’t really catch my attention. The font is also really dark and meshes in with the background picture. I can definitely feel the vibe though which is really good! I also believe that each edge of the cover is too spacious. I suggest writing a little blurb to help fill up all the unused space. Good work though!:grin:



I like it! I just wish the font used for everything other than the title was easier to read- it’s very faint and blurry. 8/10



Hmm, 6.5/10. I think it’s a bit too minimalistic. I kinda dig the pink letters with blue shadows/outline, but also having the yellow behind it is slightly too much. The reversed combination of colors on the smaller text makes it a bit of a pain to read. I’m not any good at designing covers myself, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. By the way, my personal experience is that pure white covers don’t look great on Wattpad because they completely blend in with the background. Also, this is no big deal, but I somewhat dislike usernames as author names, it just looks silly.

EDIT: I’ve thought about it some more. Have you tried removing the subtext entirely and maybe playing around with the placement of the author name? I think this is one of those cases where going even more minimalist might be better. You shouldn’t trust me at all though and definitely ask for second and third opinions if you’re still making edits to the cover.

Here’s my garbage:



8/10 I like the humor behind it. This is a work in progress. But it’s way better than my old one. ><




Sorry, almost forgot to rate your cover. Hehehe, you have a very nice book cover 8/10


6/10, honestly because I can see the slight watermark on the picture and its a tad blurry for my taste. I would like to see an authors name and maybe a phrase or line from the book on the cover, I think it would improve it greatly.



10/10. Oh wow! This is simply amazing and I would DEFINITELY read it! (well, at least check out the summary!). The pic, font and colour scheme fits well x
Is it out?


thank you !! And yes :)))