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10/10 - Oh wow I love the look of your cover! I love the whole illustrative look you’re going with here, it looks awesome


8/10 I like this a lot, in my personal opinion I would make the author’s name smaller but other than that good job.


8/10 I really like the colour scheme of this cover and the transparent words in the background.


8/10 I like the coloring and the title. The text looks like it’s glowing! I also love how it fades from the background picture to the deep blue.


I personally do not like this cover, to be completely honest. It seems too science-y for a teen fiction novel to me, and I didn’t quite get that it was a pregnant woman on the left until I really looked at it. The name should be smaller to fit in the picture and you should make it more readable, because the r and the second e in Breeders particularly blend in with the background. Also, the image could use more quality. I think you’re off to a good start, you just need to channel your ideas and represent them better overall. But, hey! We’re all here to learn, and I hope you found my feedback helpful. 5/10


9/10 - I love the overall color scheme. I like how the word Damage is a bit behind the clouds and the building.

I don’t love the title - I feel like it should be “ON Attraction & Collateral Damage” the OF throws it off and the ITS could be dropped to keep it tighter.

Then I would make ombré effect for the title…
“On Attraction” in brighter to darker whites
“&” in grey
“Collateral Damage” in lighter to darker blacks

Author name is a touch large for my taste.

My cover -


YA Contemporary Fantasy, Short Story Prequel, set in Alaska


First impression is its appealing.

I like the ‘Try’ play on ‘Tri-State’ in the title. The font is cool. The title and the author’s name is a good size.

The cover doesn’t really give me a feeling for what the story is about. A road trip maybe? Who is going on this road trip? Teens most likely. But, who are they? Why should I care about their road trip? What’s the theme? Are they running away? Or are they searching for something? Are they walking, riding a bus or a bike? Is it one person or a group of friends?

I suggest taking feedback with a grain of salt.

Seems to me book covers and titles follow trends. Back when my first novel was published, they were very metaphoric, because of Twilight, I think.

As a book reviewer, I’ve noticed simple, vivid cover art catches the eye the fastest, especially on very fast social media, like Twitter.

Seems like it takes an enormous amount of patience to find the right cover.

I give this one a 7 out of 10.

Keep up the good work!


Well I think we have different opinions about what a cover should do.

I think a cover should spark a lot of questions, not answer them…

So if the cover creates all of these questions, you flip to the blurb which explains a bit about the main character/s and plot… and if you like that, you check out Chapter 1…

So I’m actually happy that you asked all of those questions :joy:


Oh, good. Opinions and trends vary, so feedback and first impressions of individuals make a difference.


I like the cover! It’s sweet and simple, very clear and easy to read. 7/10



Really Truly, Reese book cover: It looks and reminds me of a Beauty and the Beast sort of cover. The words are easy to read and the outlines of the two people are lit, but it does look a bit blurry. Overall it looks great, I loved the added splash of colour with the rose and the lighter. 6/10



8/10 *It grabs my attention, it makes me want to know more.



I’d say 5/10 because it’s mostly white so i’d skip over it because there’s no interesting pigmented colors


I’d say 6 or 7/10? I really like this cover and that the triangular font matches the crown, but I feel like you’re crowding the title up at the top when you have that big dark area in the middle thanks to the back of his coat. Maybe try a version with the title more centered to balance out the level of detail in the image? Right now it’s a little top heavy with all the interesting bits in one place.




7/10. The color of the author’s name and the quote at the top might look better if it was the same color as the title. I do like how the title is in a box.


There’s something about the title font and placement that is throwing me off. I think it would be really cool if you could somehow make it seem like the title is hand written on the notebook. Besides that I enjoy the simplicity of it – 6/10.