8.5/10 I like it, good job.


Please rate and also tell which one you like better it will be really helpful.


I really like the second one. The color schemes match with the font and it blends really well. I’d give it an 8/10. Here’s mine:


This is from my new book. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I love how minimalistic it is! Maybe try a different font that matches the simplicity of the flower?


(also if you want to request a cover, I have a topic)

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Thank you for your advice. That really helps.:grinning::grinning:


I’m so glad!


I like it. It doesn’t seem like a teen fiction cover but a chick-lit instead. Personally, I don’t like covers where a person doesn’t appear but yours looks cute if that’s what you are going for. 8.5/10

Becoming Bad


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The suspicious look of the girls face definitely makes me want to read it as it looks like a cover you could find at a book store 10/10

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Thanks :wink:


6/10 I like it, but the picture is blurry and the author’s name is quite hard to read, but good job though I can see it peeking peoples’ interests.


7.5/10 really clear and easy to read, it looks really intense too. It doesn’t personally hit my aesthetic, but I really think you’d have better luck with other people.



I’m not sure I like the way the photos blurry in the background and don’t really fit? Also the writing on top doesn’t really go with the rest, but I LOVE the title font and would honestly like the whole thing better if you cut off the top above the title? I think I like that mood a bit better. 6/10.

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I actually really liked this cover, but I feel like I seen it a lot before, but other then that great job! 8.5/10


oh for sure you’ve seen it before lol. It was just a random cover I made so i wasn’t expecting it to be super original. I just like yellow.


Oh lol XD Well I like the yellow too.


I don’t really like the “heh” in your subtitle and the sentence kinda confuses me? But I love the glass and the simplistic nature of the entire cover. I’m a sucker for simple covers! 8.5/10


I have to for the same and I’ve never been able to decide which one I like better, so here! Help me wattpad!

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love the second one


I like the second one a lot! The first one seems like a newspaper cover (if that is what you were going for) 8/10 on both.