8/10. I really like this! I love the minimalist image and all the text in the background.

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Gorgeous, high-quality image with nice alternating fonts and a good color scheme. I also like where the author’s name is placed. Doesn’t seem like my kind of book, but 10/10.



8/10 I like the reflection thing and I can read all the words on the cover but I’m not a huge fan of the ‘All I See’ font and the placement of these specific words. It just looks a little too odd. Also, considering you mention fame, I’m assuming the story is to do with celebrity status, maybe a musician or actor? I could be wrong but the cover actually gives a fantasy /magic vibe and in the background I think that’s a gas tank? I don’t really understand that. But generally, it looks quite mysterious and enticing.


9/10 So I really love the how clear the Image is and the placement of the title . The cover coupled with the little snippet at the top give me an over all concept of this girl sneaking around and spying . Good job tying all this together.
Letters To Mars


7/10 I like it. If only the picture was clearer, the author’s name was in a different font, and the arrow thingy was gone then I would have given a 9/10.


9/10. i think it all goes nicely together and i love the font style and colour! it alone tells me what kind of genre the story might be. also, the colour scheme of the font goes well together.


9/10 I like the color combination and the choice of fonts. Simple but eye catching :slight_smile:



8/10 The title stands out and I love the overall simplicity of it. I’d try to make the author’s name more prominently displayed, though.

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I really like this cover, but I would imagine that in the smaller form that people when see when they’re scrolling through a list the font would probably be difficult to read.

It also feels like it fits the horror or sci-fi genre rather than the teen fiction genre.

10/10 for the cover, but probably only 6/10 when I associate it with teen fiction and consider the difficult to read font in a smaller imagine (I’m just guessing on the second part).


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Love the layout. “A Caffeinated Novel” made me both laugh and crave another coffee.
At first glance, it looks like Chick lit and not YA. So I’d give it an 8/10 (vs. a 9 if it were not YA)


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8/10 Cover could have been better, but I like the hidden human with a phrase and picture.


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6/10, purely because the fonts a little hard to read and the moon and stars seem a little too eye-popping.


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8/10 because of the author/tag bit (I think it could work really well, but something’s missing…like some transparency or something…maybe even change one of the colors to yellow to give the orange/teal contrast) and perhaps the title needing a little blending into the background (but that could be nothing. I struggle with the title thing in my own covers)

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I love the clarity of the picture and the font of the text. However, I don’t find the picture fitting to the title and it’s hard to see what relation the two have to each other. It is not something I would personally read, but it is an intriguing cover that may attract others. 7.5/10


8/10. I like the font you used. It’s simple, yet attractive. The pop of color coming from the umbrella is aesthetically pleasing. Good job!

here is mine:


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7/10 I like your cover, but the font of your title could use a little work. When I see the word ‘Till’ I originally thought it said ‘Tiff’



9/10 I like your cover it is very professional and to the point. Here is mine

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It doesn’t look very professional to me. Try working on the font a little bit :wink: 7/10



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Love the font! There is a nice texture in the background as well. 9/10!