8/10 Your cover is intriguing. I feel like I’m looking at a painting. Although I feel like it’s missing something with a title called ‘Just This Once.’



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7/10. Original, funny, clever, but don’t quite go with that title. The concept itself isn’t bad but yeah, it sort of clashes with it.


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5/10. The font doesn’t work with the aesthetic of the cover, and the font color needs to be changed. I’m also not a huge fan of the illustration either. Also, put the author name on there.

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Make one chess piece black. Then it will fit better.

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The idea is that the character is looking in the mirror and sees a different stronger self.
Anyway, I’ve changed the cover of this story.
(The one you are seeing here was made on phone actually :slight_smile: )

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8/10 I liked the way the font fits on the page. but i like more details on the cover. a bit of more colour would have been better too.

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Before anyone rates this cover, I want to point a few things out. The darkness of the cover is supposed to show that all the characters have lost all of their hope. The world is a dark place and the villain has won. (This Story is set after a (nameless) movie)

The little light inside the ‘A’ is supposed to represent hope. There’s not much of it, but it’s there. That’s the tiny bit of hope the characters have, that’s their one chance they have to defeat the villain.

You may also notice some of the words are unseeable. I did that on purpose. It’s supposed to show that the world is falling apart. Everyone has gone into despair, it’s a dark time.

You’ll also notice that the ‘A’ is broken. That shows that main characters are emotionally broken. The team is spread out, lost all hope and they need to reassemble.

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Definitely grabs my attention. If i just looked at the cover, it’s really mysterious and dark. But it is interesting that there is a deeper meaning behind it all, but you cannot know that only from the cover, so you have to read it to understand it.


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7/10 I like the picture :slightly_smiling_face:, not sure if I love the harsh black words against it though. Also, add an author’s name.


I like how clear-cut the image is. The colors contrast each other well and the font is really nice. However, I would make the authors name more visible, I didn’t notice it at first. 8/10

Here’s mine:


I absolutely love this! I spent more than 3 years in Hawaii and this takes me back to all of the best memories I have out there. It’s very clean and professional looking, but I wish the man wasn’t so blurry! 8/10



10/10 I love your cover! It’s very catching to the eye and I would be curious to see what this story is about.



7/10 i loved the picture and the filter, but i dont think that the font is matching the pic

im trying to post this answer with my cover but the site says “you cant post a picture here”. does anyone know how should i do that?

or if the next person can look in my profile my cover fro “Melhor Amigo do meu Irmão” (The Best Friend of my Brother in portuguese) i would be very gratefull

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It’s because for some reason the forums don’t let you post pictures if it’s your first time posting on the forums.


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5.5. I like the sprinkled dots and the font style. But I feel like the font colour is too bright. Also, because the title is in front of the dark photo it makes it hard for the title to stand out properly.



I would like to rate my cover 7/10


I like the cover! The picture is well chosen, just like the choices you made in the font. My only concern would be readability of the title, and the author’s name seems a little misplaced, but I’d give it a 8/10


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8/10. the title text just doesn’t go well with the background picture. i would play around with the styling of it as well as the actual font itself, as it is the same as your author text as well. other than that i think it’s rather nice!