Educational? On what lol?

Now I wonder what you think of this (Book 1)?



8/10 I love this cover especially since the tagline is so paradoxical.

The only issue I have is the techie item there. What is that? An old mpg3 player?


Maybe not educational necessarily, but I just think of an art book, if that makes sense? That’s the first thing that comes to mind.


Ah I got ya. I love these images so much because they’re symbolic representations of the characters. It’s pretty layered and not so obvious. I guess I need a more obvious cover.


10/10 absolutely aesthetical i’m weeping in joy :’) the complex colors, the simplicity induced from all the white (white is one of my favorite colors)… i had to check out your account to see if you’ve got the same theme for all your books, and turns out you do! my eyes are blessed :slight_smile:


I really do love your covers though. Maybe you can make a thread and get others’ opinions? Like create a poll to see what first impressions other people have when they see it. Who knows, I might be the only one who first saw this as an art book lol


Ack! I feel so self-indulgent about threads like that. I’ll take your love and @feren and my readers lol.


It’s supposed to be a radio haha






8of out 10 really like the uniqueness.


8 or of 10


i would give this a 6/10. I know the font is meant to make the cover cool and edgy but it sort of clashes with cover image



I will rate yours 7 of 10 it looks good but is a little dull. Sometimes covers with a lot of color attracts u. The person face is blurry I don’t really like that.


hey… no one rated mine yet :frowning: oh wells! xD


I think @magicalmoments8 rated it, but I’ll do it too :slight_smile:

I’d personally give it a 9/10. I love this image you used. It’s seriously beautiful. With the use of white text, it really stands out. But the author name is a bit hard to read. The font is thin, and it blends in with the image in some areas.


I’d also agree with a 9/10.




8.5/10. I really like this cover. I love the shutter (?) effect on the image and how it’s framed in black. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the red in the font, but take that with a grain of salt—it’s probably just based solely on taste haha.

Made another cover 'cause I’m obsessed woo


I like the use of colours along with the black background. It almost gives it a sort of mystery feel to it.