I made a different version where it’s more lighter.


I prefer the first one honestly. Some parts of the image sort of blends in with the pink background. I also preferred the original font for the title.



7/10 I personally prefer the pink cover. I like the shutter effect and font better.


6/10 I’m not sure what genre this is for.


6/10 if the title and subscript blended in more with the image/color it would look a lot better since it wouldn’t look like they were just slapped onto a picture. But the cover does set an unsettling feeling which I’m pretty sure is what you’re going for so you did a great job on that!


Thank you :smile:


6/10. I prefer the first one since it’s simpler and it’s easier to tell what’s happening. In this one, the yellow-orangey text against the guy’s white shirt kind of hurts the eyes. (I don’t know if this is a replacement of the first cover you posted or if this is for a different book, since they have different titles – that’s not a critique, I’m just wondering lol)


Yeah it’s for another book lol, and thanks for your feedback!


Idk who to rate so I’ll just slide mines on in here



8/10. Some text seems out of place and it it seems a tiny bit stretched. Very nice images and use of color, though!



Oooh… I love the visual of that picture, it’s gorgeous. The color is so vibrant, and it really draws me in and intrigues me. 9/10



I definitely like the way you contrasted the colors because it gives attention to everything!!



I love the colors and vibrant vibe about this! It definitely draws me to the story! 9/10


For me, it’s too simple. There’s no professionalism on it and the fonts don’t make me interested in your cover. Try something else, maybe another font since the background is captivating. Sorry if I sounded rude. 5/10



I really love the colors you chose to use! And the font is also very pretty and cute and the kissing couple fits perfectly with everything else. I really don’t know what else to say, you did good job! 9/10.



i honestly love this one better than the first one :heart:


omg this is so artistic!! :open_mouth: kudos to whoever designed it!


8/10. I like the simplicity of the cover, but maybe I would choose another font for the title as the sky looks a bit empty :slight_smile:
(I’m trying new covers here so be honest with your opinion, I really want to know if it looks good or not).


9/10. I love this honestly. The upside down image is interesting, and the smoke over her eyes is a nice touch. The fonts you used are also really nice. This doesn’t have much to do with the cover, but the title is a bit generic in my opinion. Not too memorable.