I think it’s an interesting cover! Honestly I don’t think I can rate it unless I know the genre of your book bc with the particular image and font you can’t really compare it to a romance book or something. But if I had to I guess 8/10?


Thanks! It’s actually a romance but a very toxic one? Also a bit of a drama haha. I’ve been having a hard time making the cover fit the genre


Woah, yours is so cool man, I love the contrast of the dark moody background picture and the title text 9/10 would have maybe have had your name closer to the title and the same length as the second line but that’s just my personal preference, your spacing is highly effective on its own, calls more attention to your pen name


7/10. I think the photos at the bottom are a little bit cluttered.


7/10. It’s pretty but looks a little simple.



7/10, it just seems too simple for me and I don’t really like the banner at the bottom.



9/10 I loved the picture you used and the fonts. The only problem is that since the hair is too light and the title is a bit transparent some people might have trouble reading some of the letters. But a pretty good cover overall.

This is mine:




7/10. It’s simple, though it made need some more execution.


8/10. I like it! The title is easily readable and the picture and text are very clear. I think my only critique is there’s a lot of text going on. In my opinion, that kind of adds more muddle instead of actually drawing the reader in.



9/10. I absolutely love how the cover looks and how the cursive font goes well with the normal yet simplistic font.

Here’s mine (note: I had trouble with putting it onto here yesterday last night via mobile hence why there was no picture)


Not striking, but clean. I have to take a point off for the title, sorry─6/10



Thank you! :slight_smile:


9/10 I love the font and colors. Definitely something I would open. The only thing that doesn’t make me give a 10 is the r cut off at the end of Whatever.


6/10. I love the cover, it’s just the font and its color doesn’t blend well. Maybe try a different color to use.

Here’s mine.


So, I thought the background image was really cute but maybe a little bit more color would help hook the reader even more. Try not adding your username to the cover. Instead, use your author’s name, for example, I use Ally Muller instead of my user, allymullerstories. Also the font for the title should be bigger and more eye-catching. Try working on these aspects but overall, it’s a nice teen-fic cover. 7/10



Thanks for the advice! Luckily I improved mine! :smiley:

8/10. Beautiful and quite captivating, I love the way the cursive font goes well with the regular(?) text font.

Here’s mine



9.5/10 Many covers have the text over a picture that takes the entire area. Yet, this one effectively focuses the eye further down the shot. The simplicity of the sans sarif typeface contrasts well with the larger one.


6/10. I like the picture, but I think the font could be more appealing. Your name is also over another little image, I don’t know if that’s a mistake or you’re doing it on purpose.


I like that so much! Simple, but elegant. Love the colour scheme, especially.

Made it for a cover contest ~ Didn’t win, but I think it was worth a try :woman_shrugging:t2: